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MU Origin 3 English version starts closed beta on Android in selected regions

Popular MMORPG MU Origin 3 to be available in English.

After the huge success of MU Origin 2, Webzen has announced that an English version of MU Origin 3 will be available worldwide by the end of the first quarter this year and has started its closed beta. According to the announcement, the game is currently available on the CH Play app store. 

Since the MU Origin PC launch, fans have been glued to the game because of its fascinating storyline and visual effects. Now players can continue to experience the same kind of intense storyline and amazing graphics with improvement in the MU Origin 3 which will launch with an English version. 

Experience never-seen-before elements in the newest title of the series

MU Origin 3 is created with Unreal Engine 4, which promises a huge bump in the graphics of the games than the versions before. Webzen also said that the game will have a number of new elements that were never seen in the series before and users will also get to play all of this at an extremely high refresh rate.

MU Origin 3 closed beta
Image via Webzen

MU Origin 3 will continue the same storyline as the previous versions and features the journey of warriors who set out to save the MU empire while fighting the dark forces to recover. As of release MU Origin 3 will have 3 main characters; Black Knight, Warlock Wizard, and Fairy, representing the iconic characters of the series. Each character will have its own iconic powers.

MU Origin 3 Character and closed beta details

Black Knight is the descendent of the knight kingdom Laurencia, who has high stamina and power to protect and defend the vanguard allies. Warlock Wizards are descendants of the magic Kingdom of Arka and have special magic powers that they use for attacks. A fairy from Noria, the fairy kingdom, uses bows and crossbows to aid her allies. They use bow and arrow skills to attack enemies.

MU Origin 3 will be equipped with wings, which can fly regardless of location or area. Also, if you evolve your wings to level 2, you can learn to glide and land safely where you want. The higher the wing upgrade, the faster the flight speed and the more colorful the character’s appearance.

Players can team up and form clans which will get the experience and cooperation points, they can also attack other clans with their clan members. Users can pre-register for MU Origin 3 on the official website and Google Play Store.

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