FAU-G: nCore Games presents India’s own PUBG Mobile replacement

Will you be one of the "Fearless and United Guards" ?

It’s only been two days since Indians were met with the news that their government has banned the most popular game in the country, PUBG Mobile. The news was met with a mixed reaction. A large number of Indians, especially parents and teachers applauded the government’s decision. On the other hand, a vast portion of the youth and teenage population of the country expressed their dissent since PUBG Mobile was a major source of entertainment for them, especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Indian video game developer nCore Games is coming up with its own replacement for PUBG Mobile, with a game titled FAU-G. The title is inspired by the word ‘Fauji’, which in Hindi (The national language of India) means a ‘soldier’.

About the FAU-G game

Veteran Indian actor and major celebrity Akshay Kumar posted the news on all of his social media handles, namely, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. He stated that India will see the release of a game named, Fearless and United Guards, abbreviated as FAU-G. While we have no idea as to whether FAU-G will be a battle royale like PUBG Mobile, Akshay Kumar did mention that it is a multiplayer action game. He further stated that “besides entertainment, players will also learn about the sacrifices of our (Indian) soldiers”. 

The release of FAU-G is an addition to India’s Atma Nirbhar movement, a movement which promotes the Indian industry towards self-reliance. Akshay Kumar stated that 20% of the net revenue generated by FAU-G will go towards Bharat Ke Veer, a trust which provides homage and support to Indian soldiers and their families.

About nCore Games, the maker of FAU-G

FAU-G’s poster has the logo of nCore Games, which is an obvious sign that they are the creators of the game. It’s a fairly new video game company, founded in 2018, and based out of Bangalore, India. They mainly develop multi-player games with immersive storylines that have a strong connect with Indian ethos. They also bring popular games from other global markets to the Indian market.

The immediate announcement of FAU-G followed by India’s ban on PUBG Mobile sparked debates among citizens. Critics are citing a similar incident that took place a few years ago where the Indian government temporarily banned Nestle’s Maggi Noodles which was then followed by the arrival of Patanjali Noodles, an Indian brand. However, a lot of Indians are in support of FAU-G since it’s an Indian video game. We are yet to hear about an official release date for FAU-G and whether it is a battle royale game like PUBG Mobile. Until FAU-G comes out, you can try out these 5 PUBG Mobile alternative games.

What is your opinion on the upcoming FAU-G game by nCore Games? Let us know in the comment section below.

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