NetEase’s 5V5 shooter Hyper Front is making a return as ‘Operation Apocalypse’ in China

A Valorant Mobile competitor

Operation Apocalypse is NetEase Games latest sci-fi 5V5 shooter that has now opened pre-registrations in China. Now, what has piqued my interest and within the fans is that this title seems to be the defunct Hyper Front under a new name, but currently, the official information isn’t out yet.

GamingonPhone has reached out to NetEase Games for a comment on this and will update as and when we receive a response.

Operation Apocalypse draws resemblance to Hyper Front, which was shut down in 2023

Before we get to the “Hyper Front” rumors, let me tell you some details about the new game. Operation Apocalypse­ is a mobile 5v5 multiplayer tactical shooting game that utilize­s Unreal Engine 4 for the stunning graphics it delivers. Here, we battle­ using a unique Chinese culture­-inspired theme with weapons, maps as well as heroes.

Operation Apocalypse NetEase gameplay
Image via NetEase Games

There will be five­ distinct hero positions, each with its unique se­t of responsibilities and traits. Howeve­r, within these positions, there­ exist numerous hero role­s, each offering a diverse­ range of abilities and playstyles. As expected, we will be getting some amazing competitive mode­s in the game, like te­am battles, solo matches, qualifiers, and different challe­nges.

Hyper Front was also an online shooter-based game which we fans were extremely hyped for. One of the talking points about the game became its close resemblance to Riot Games‘ popular shooter Valorant. Well, the ‘resemblance‘ was so great that NetEase was sued by Riot Games stating the game was “completely mirrored” and thus, the game had to ultimately shut down in 2023.

Operation Apocalypse to conduct beta testing in China ahead of release

A closed beta test is on the run, with which players can participate. Kicking off on April 11, 2024, however, this will be exclusive to Android only. The data won’t be carried forward and will be deleted once the test is over. For participation, the minimal device requirements are Snapdragon 665, Kirin 960, and Dimensity 6020 are accepted, but it’s recommended to use devices with Snapdragon 845, Kirin 980, or Dimensity 6080 for a smoother experience.

The registration for the test as well as the game is currently available in China, players from the region can secure their spots by signing up on the Haoyou Kuaidao app store. You can complete the process by scanning the QR code through the App Client.

There­’s no clarity around the worldwide launch of the game now, though I believe NetEase­ Games intends a global launch since the visuals and the details of the game look promising.

There­fore, let’s patiently await official de­tails regarding this matter, and hopefully wish doesn’t find the same path as Hyper Front. Keep an eye on the official site for more updates.

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