Netmarble to integrate blockchain in its games starting with A3: Still Alive

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Netmarble has just officially announced on Twitter that it is planning to integrate blockchain technology in all of its upcoming and existing games with the utility token titled Inetrium, which is set to be featured in all of Netmarble’s titles, starting with A3: Still Alive.

Netmarble introduces blockchain technology: What we know so far

Netmarble had already confirmed that it had been working on issuing its very own virtual currency for upcoming blockchain games at the 5th NTP event on January 27. The name of the currency wasn’t specified and was merely referred to as Netmarble coin. However, in a tweet posted earlier today, the company confirmed that the currency would be referred to as Inetrium and would be exchangeable by all players playing future Netmarble games. 

Inetrium is a utility token which means that players can exchange it for any useful in-game items. It can also be used across all Netmarble blockchain games, adding to its versatility. Some of the other important features include stability and preservation of value. Netmarble has assured players that the value of Inetrium will only continue to grow with the release of more blockchain games. 

A3: Still Alive Review
Image via Netmarble

About A3: Still Alive

The first and most prominent game that is set to implement blockchain technology is set to be the global version of A3: Still Alive. The MMORPGbattle royale title was released in the year 2020 to widespread popularity on both PC and mobile devices. Pre-registration for the blockchain system update has opened on both Android and iOS devices, so one can expect to see the new tech in action very soon. 

For fans of A3: Still Alive and other Netmarble games the implementation of blockchain technology could serve as a breath of fresh air and give audiences further incentive to continue playing their games. 

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