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New State: Mobile February 2022 Update (0.9.24) Patch Notes

Lots of new things in this February Update!

New State: Mobile, the futuristic battle-royale game from Krafton has started bringing major updates from January. In the previous update, they had brought a brand-new mode and major quality of life updates to the game. In this update, they have brought several changes. Here are the Patch Notes of the New State: Mobile February 2022 update.

New State Mobile February 2022 Update New Mode: Round Deathmatch

A brand-new Deathmatch mode has arrived in New State: Mobile with the February 2022 Update. With the introduction of the new mode, there is also a map for this mode called Arena.

Image via Krafton
  • This is a 4v4 deathmatch, but unlike it, there is a shrinking zone which pushes players to care packages in the middle.
  • Unlike deathmatch mode, players are not instantly killed and respawned. Instead, they are knocked and have to be revived by the teammates, just like battle-royale. 
  • Unlike normal deathmatch, players do not get killed and instantly respawned. But instead, players get knocked and have to be revived by their teammates like battle-royale. If the player gets killed, they cannot be respawned until the next round. 
  • Round Deathmatch is a best of 7 mode, unlike the first to 40 kills in normal deathmatch. Players spawn with tactical grenades and deployable shields. 

Team Deathmatch: Updates

Team Deathmatch is also getting several updates. These updates are made after player feedback.

Image via Krafton
  • The width of the map is increased. This allows players for better movement around the map. 
Image via Krafton
  • There is also a brand-new loading screen. The result has been added to the game for better experience.
  • If a player gets killed consecutively for four times, the player is given level 3 armor and helmet until the player gets a kill. 
  • A guide has been added to the team deathmatch for players to equip guns in the loadout. 

Map Improvements

  • Players have reported eye fatigue, while playing Troi. Therefore, the developers have adjusted the colour settings and exposure of the map.
  • Players can now spot enemies in the distance. 

New State Mobile February 2022 Update: New Weapons

There are two new weapons coming to the New State.

New weapon: MP5K (Image via Krafton)

New Weapon: MP5K

The first weapon added to the game is MP5K.

  • Gun Type: SMG
  • Ammo: 9mm
  • Attachments: Various attachments can be used
  • Drop: Field drop


Crossbow (Image via Krafton)

The next is a silent long-range weapon crossbow.

  • Gun Type: Long range 
  • Ammo: Bolts
  • Attachments: Scopes can be added
  • Drop: Field drop

New State Mobile February 2022 Update: Gun Improvements and New customizations

  • New Reload mechanism has been added to the sniper DSR-1.
Image via Krafton
Image via Krafton
  • The new customisation of M249 brings with it a new shield. The shield cannot be destroyed and deflects bullets. But the ads will be slower.

New State Mobile February 2022 Update’s new feature: Unity Revive

New State Mobile has added a brand-new way to revive a knocked-down player. If a player gets knocked down, it will take 10 seconds to revive a player. But, if multiple players are reviving, the time goes up to 4 seconds to revive a player. This also applies when recruiting a player. 

New State Mobile February 2022 Update
Image via Krafton
  • 1 Player reviving at the same time: 10 seconds
  • 2 Players reviving at the same  time: 6 seconds
  • 3 players revving at the same time: 4 seconds

New State Mobile February 2022 Update: Quality of life changes

Green flare 

New State Mobile February 2022 Update
Image via Krafton
  • Revived players can now land with a P1911 gun and a smoke grenade. 
  • The limitations of revived players landing has now been relieved. Revived players can move upto 150 meters from the green flare point.

Drone Improvements

  • Drone Calling has been made more precise.
  • The drone marked for delivery upto 200 meters.

Vehicle Improvements 

  • Whenever an item is added to the trunk, a new sound is played. 
  • The weight and capacity of the trunk is now displayed on the trunk button. 
  • Players can easily enter a moving vehicle. 
  • The durability of Volta and Dacia has been slightly improved.
  • Damage inflicted by vehicles has reduced significantly. 

New State Mobile February 2022 Update: Scopes

New State Mobile February 2022 Update
Image via Krafton

A brand-new RGB color picker has been added for crosshair color. Players can choose existing preset colors or choose their favorite color using the RGB color picker. 

New State Mobile February 2022 Update: Clan Updates

  • Recommended clan will be featured from the player’s nationality, rather than showing a random clan.
  • Clan masters can set their clan emblem with different symbols, colors and backgrounds. 
  • Clan notice shows the players joining and leaving information. 
  • Clan description is split into introductions and announcements.
  • Players can join a new clan in 2 hours after leaving or disbanding a clan.
  • Clans can now only be created by a level 5 or higher player. It will now cost 10000 BP to create a clan. 
  • Players without a clan will receive a pop to join a clan after a match.

Other Improvements

  • New sign-in option using Twitter is added.
  • The rank now displays utp top 500 and top 100 players can see their rank instead of percentage. 
  • Players can now enlarge other players’ profile icons. 
  • Players can now track teammates’ survivor pass progress with a badge located right next to their name. 
  • Player name and text will be displayed above the chat bar when in the lobby.
  • Players can select different death animations. A new dying motion optimization has been added to the graphics settings. 
  • UI for preferred language for a match has been improved. 
  • Smoke grenades have 10% more coverage than before.
  • In BR Extreme an additional 20 seconds has been added to the first zone and added one more final zone. 
  • Players will now land with a pistol in hand in BR Extreme. 

New State Mobile February 2022 Update: New Valentine’s Day Event, Survivor Pass

A brand-new Valentine’s Day event has been added. Players have to complete certain in-game tasks to receive outfits, emotes, and much more. 

New State Mobile February 2022 Update
Image via Krafton

A brand-new Survivor Pass and story missions will also begin with the new update.

New State Mobile February 2022 Update
Image via Krafton

New State 100th Day Event: How to participate

To participate in the event, players have to take an in-game screenshot or video using emotes and upload it to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with #NewState100Day and #NEWSTATEMOBILE. Then players have to submit their participation info for the Americas, Asia and Oceania here. For the countries of Europe, Africa and the Middle East, players can submit the info here. 100 winners announced on March 3rd will get 100 chicken medals each.

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