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New State: Mobile January 2023 Update (0.9.44) Patch Notes 

Krafton, developers behind the game of New State Mobile have introduced the newest January 2023 Update. With the onset of the new year in 2023, there is a whole scale of balance updates to the weapons and the guns in the game. More updates have been introduced, which will be discovered as a part of the January 2023 Update in New State: Mobile.

New State Mobile January 2023 Update: Weapon Updates

Shooting Motions

Shooting Motions have been adjusted on each weapon to add more Dynamic gunplay. Long-distance damage for SMG’s, AR’s, and LMG’s has decreased now. The positioning of each gun is clearly specified. Developers want us to take advantage of each different weapon by using them in various situations with different shooting ranges.

Weapons Balance Adjustments

New State Mobile January 2023 Update Weapon Changes
Image via Krafton
  • M249 ( C1 + Extended Mag) has been increased to 200 rounds. Customizing C2 has made the size of the attachable shield larger than before. As for M249, updates have been made on customizing to give a dramatic performance change.
  • MK47 Mutant (C1): Players can now add 8 times scope in the gun. Customizing C1 has increased the long barrels rate of autofire. C2 Customization will be introduced soon.
  • M16A4 (C1, C2): Players can now add 8 times scope in the gun The rate of Auto fire had increased on customizing the C1 bump stock and open foregrip slot. Increased damage exp is now added on customizing the C2 Savage barrel and open foregrip slot
  • SLR (C2): Barrel damage has been increased for SLR, customizing C2 5.56 mm. Increased muzzle velocity has been added too.
  • Tommy Gun (C1): Increased damage on customizing with C1 long barrel and open slot.
  • Micro UZI (C1): Increased damage drop-off distance stats with increased range. With increased range through C1 customization, Micro UZI has become more versatile.
  • S1897 (C2): Slug damage has increased.
  • L85A3: Increased rate of Auto fire. This has resolved the low DPS issue, which the gun previously had, despite its high stability.
  • DSR1: Shooting speed has increased slightly.
  • Kar 98k, VSS, M110A1: Slight damage has increased for these weapons.
  • Skorpion: Damage decreased for the secondary gun.

Vehicle Balance Adjustments

New State Mobile January 2023 Update Vehicle Changes
Image via Krafton
  • VCabs: These cars were extremely slow to drive, therefore, overall speed was increased. Maximum speed regulation was also raised.
  • UAZ, Bryan, Electron: HP increased alongside the decreased speed.
  • Dacia, Voltage: Increase in slight speed.
  • Motorbikes, Motorbike sidecars, Vulture, and Lightning have become increasing usage help, in terms of stability.
  • Boat, Aqua Rail, Wave Rider: Durability and maximum speed limit has increased.

Drone Store

  • In general, the price has gone down.
  • The Drone Store cooldown has decreased from 2 min 30 seconds to 1 minute 30 seconds.
  • Delivery has become faster.
  • The durability of the drone has been reduced.

With more feedback from the players, additional rebalances will be conducted in the future.

New State Mobile January 2023 Update: Map/Mode Updates

Battle Royale Season 7

Battle Royale Season 7
Image via Krafton
  • Tiers will be reset on the basis of the tier of the last season.
  • Lots of rewards are prepared for Season 7. Therefore, players should aim for the top tier to get the maximum rewards.
  • Tier points balance will be renewed from this season.
  • Kill points have been raised. Lesser points will be deducted for those getting killed in the early game.
  • Developers have improved more advantages for players who have adopted an aggressive style of play.
  • Ranking points have less effect and the requirement of more survival time for maximum survival points has been decreased.
  • Lastly, the efficiency of earning Tier Points in a Battle Royale match has been increased.

More Gameplay changes

Image via Krafton
  • Multi-care packages will show up from time to time, in Troy. Whether or not, the players will decide on selecting multi-packages is up to you. Players can now play Arena in Team Deathmatch.
  • Care Package items will not appear in the centre of the arena during the Deathmatch. On dying, players will be respawned at a random spot.
  • In order to speed up the play, the number of kills required to win a Deathmatch is reduced to 30 from 40.
  • Maximum combat has expanded from level 50 to 70. At the end of each level, players will be given a gun customizing kit, which can be used for Deathmatch preset.
  • Shooting Gallery Ranking has been reset and rewards for the current ranking have been given through mail. Players can reach higher rankings through a reset ranking system. Some patterns that appear on the shooting gallery have changed. Additional points for SR are reduced from 800 to 500.
  • Siege Mode Ranking has been reset and rewards for the previous rank accomplishment will be given to the mailbox. The difficulty level has been renewed. One can challenge themselves again to a high score.
  • The vehicle VCab has been added to training mode.

Other Updates

  • Gifting gifts to friends is now a possibility, based on certain minimum conditions of matches played and minimum time of friendship status.
  • The inventory status that the players can select for display in the lobby is expanded from one weapon to four weapons now, namely 2 Main weapons, 1 sub weapon and 1 pistol. Players can now warm up with different weapons.
  • New State: Mobile’s First-anniversary BGM is now added to the vehicle radio tracklist.
  • The light graphic option is now enabled for low-end devices. Players can now select a more detailed version while playing.
  • The main keeper for Survivor Pass Vol. 15 is Keeper. Players can get rewards for completing Keeper’s story quests. There will be more rewards to get while playing.

That’s all for the January 2023 Update in New State: Mobile.

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