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New State Mobile November 2023 Update: New weapon FAMAS, Akinta night-mode and more

Night-mode Akinta, new weapon and lots more!

With the new month of December coming soon, new changes have been brought to the game of New State Mobile, which involves a new weapon FAMAS, the map of Akinta introduced in night mode, and more. Let us break down more about the changes which Krafton has brought, during the November 2023 Update in New State Mobile.

New weapon: FAMAS

The new AR FAMAS, using 5.56mm ammo, will be added to the game. With its rapid-fire rate, you can quickly dominate your enemies with mighty firepower, The FAMAS will be spawned in the field and will appear on all maps of New State Mobile.

FAMAS weapon
Image via Krafton

Players can equip a scope and muzzle attachment. A dedicated Extended Mag will be added as a C1 customization of the FAMAS. It will increase the magazine count from 30 to 40, but the reload speed will be reduced.

New State Mobile November 2023 Update: Akinta Night Mode and other Map changes

The night of battlegrounds will fall on Akinta, as our survivors have wished. Be prepared for quiet battles in darkness. One can encounter AKINTA Night with a 20% chance when you play the AKINTA map. In AKINTA Night, players can get 50% of the additional tier score, but you will lose 20% more scores when your tier score is dropped. One can test their senses in the very tense AKINTA Night.

Other changes

Extreme mode comes to our survivors with an even faster tempo of play

  • Erangel Extreme will be open on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and Troi Extreme will be open on Tuesday and Thursday for 4 hours during the Hot Time period.
  • Unlike the existing rule, 64 survivors will play Erangel Extreme. All survivors will get certain equipment for instant deployment when falling and redeploying. When the game starts, more care packages will be spawned.
  • The delivery time for items ordered through the Drone Store will be shorter.
    The time for revival and recruitment will be reduced by 50%.
    The waiting time will be reduced when you use a green flare to redeploy an out-of-action teammate

New State Mobile November 2023 Update: Death cam addition in Battle-Royale Season 12

A beta version of the Death Cam function is added, as our survivors have shown expectations in the last survey. This function enables one to check their situation just before they were killed, from the view of the player who killed them.

New State Mobile November 2023 Update Death cam
Image via Krafton

The Death Cam function is available only in Battle Royale mode. Players can activate the Death Cam option in Settings to use this new feature. In this update, Death Cam is a beta version, and please note that the camera may not show the situation perfectly.

Battle Royale Season 12 begins. The tier will be reset based on the last tier of the previous season. Developers have prepared many more season rewards, so don’t forget to challenge for your highest tier this season!

Survivor Pass Vol. 24: Chris

The lead character of Survivor Pass Vol. 25 is ‘Veronica‘ from New State Mobile.

  • Players can get the character for free by achieving a certain pass level. They can also get the ‘Golden Eagle set’ by upgrading to the Premium Pass, and many more rewards will be given upon purchasing Premium Plus.
  • Players can meet the ‘Golden Eagle set’, once again as they can upgrade it to the Legacy Pass. All NC consumed will be refunded, once they have purchased the Premium Pass and achieved a certain pass level.

That’s all for the latest November 2023 update in New State Mobile.

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