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New State: Mobile October 2022 Update (0.9.40) Patch Notes 

With the onset of the month of October 2022, the developers at Krafton have introduced a minor Patch Update to New State: Mobile.. Some new attachments have been added to the game, along with some new Gunplay updates, which has been introduced. Let us breakdown the October 2022 update in detail.

New State Mobile October 2022 Update: Auto Fire feature, New Game mode and more

M24 [C2] attachment

M24 C2 attachment
Image via Krafton

M24 [C2] attachment has been changed from the Bipod to the Tracking Bullet. Once players hit a target, the Tracking Bullet leaves a visible indicator for your allies to see, even when they’re behind cover. When applied with [C2], M24’s magazine slot can no longer be used, and its reload speed will also decrease.

Auto Fire feature

The developers have created the Auto Fire feature for beginners, who are not yet accustomed to the controls of the game. Once enabled, the weapon will automatically fire shortly after locking on a target.

New State Mobile October 2022 Update Auto Fire Feature
Image via Krafton

For AR/DMR/LMG/SMG/SG/HG weapons, Auto Fire will activate for targets within 150m and 200m for SR’s and Crossbow. The Auto Fire feature can be toggled on and off in the Controls settings.

New State Mobile Recruit Mode: New Game mode

Akinta Recruit Mode
Image via Krafton

A brand-new ‘Recruit Mode’ has been added to the New State Labs, the test environment for mobile devices with the October 2022 Update. This new mode for Akinta allow players to recruit much faster for a maximum of 8 players per squad. Once recruited, players must complete a recruit on an enemy, the HP and boost will be recovered to 100%.

New State Mobile October 2022 Update: In-game Updates

Scenic additions, Gun Updates and more

  • MP-155 Ultima’s bullet spread has increased, and the damage of M110A1 has also slightly increased.
  • By enabling ‘Display in Lobby’ for a weapon through the inventory, players can now use that weapon in the starting island.
  • Some adjustments have been brought to the Exhibit Hall in Team Deathmatch for balance purposes. The positions of the previously asymmetrical central booth and box have been changed. Also, the escalator has been disabled to allow for better vision after arriving at the second floor.
  • There will now be boats that spawn along certain shores in Akinta.
  • The ‘Sunset’ weather, which was previously available only for Erangel (Extreme), is now available in Erangel (Original).

Ranked Mode Updates

  • Players can now enjoy Battle Royale games without the pressure of losing rank score. One can simply toggle ‘Ranked Mode’ off to disallow the match results from affecting the rank score.
  • One can check the Ranked Mode icon displayed in the lobby to see which allies have enabled Ranked Mode. Auto Match will be disabled if a party member has Ranked Mode toggled off. To disable Ranked Mode, players must have at least 3,000 points in the mode and server that you have selected.
  • Regardless of whether Ranked Mode was toggled on or off, all players will be matched into the same session, based on the rank score of the highest tier member in your party.

Bounty Royale Changes

Certain rules have been changed for Bounty Royale.

  • After death, a portion of the prize money will transfer to the loot box and cannot be picked up by allies. Kill Prizes for certain phases have been lowered. 150 for Phase 2 is now lowered to 100, 400 for Phase 4 down to 200, and 600 for Phase 5 is lowered to 300.
  • Kill Prizes for Phases 1 and 3 remain unchanged.

Other Out-Game Updates

New State Mobile October 2022 Update Edwards Hat
Image via Krafton
  • The amount of EXP gained for Deathmatch Combat Level have been increased.
  • The EXP for Kill, Death, and Knockout are all increased by 50%.
  • The EXP for wins have gone from 100 to 150 and losses from 30 to 75.
  • One can now enable Attachment Skins for Legendary weapons by using the new Attachment Tokens. Attachment Tokens can be purchased and gifted from the NC Store.
  • Survivor Pass Vol.12 features Edward from the Hunters’ faction. Players can complete story missions to obtain Edward’s outfit and appearance.

New State Mobile October 2022 Update: New State: Mobile x Dead by Daylight collaboration

New State: Mobile has introduced a new collaboration with Dead by Daylight. There is a new upgradable weapon for the association, along with some new outfits and some story missions to complete. Players can now win exclusive rewards for the following.

That’s all for the New State Mobile October 2022 Update. Let us know in the comments below.

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