NVIDIA GeForce Now will expand to Australia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia later this year

GeForce is now expanding!

There’s no doubt that NVIDIA is one of the best technology companies ever. Now, they’re bringing tons of several games to their reputed game-streaming service. NVIDIA GeForce Now is set to expand to Australia, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. Others such as Zain KSA, Turkcell, and Pentanet are the most recent telecoms to join the GeForce NOW Alliance.

GeForce Now and its impact in the industry

By putting NVIDIA RTX Servers right on the edge, GeForce NOW and its latest Alliance partners will deliver a much lower latency gaming experience. This provides the partners with an opportunity to showcase the value of their 5G infrastructure and broadband to customers. In other words, gamers will get their hands on more games, in more places, and much faster! Not so long ago, Ericsson published their 2020 mobility report, stating “5G population coverage is estimated to reach 15 %, and that is equivalent to more than 1 billion people”.

Also, DFC (Development Financial Cooperation) reported that “There are now more than 3 billion video game consumers around the world.” Cloud gaming is just at the intersection of these duo trends. The GeForce NOW is currently the world’s leading cloud-gaming platform for PC gamers. It offers hundreds of games to players directly from NVIDIA’S very own data centers in Europe and North America.

This highly acclaimed service delivers real-time ray tracing to today’s biggest blockbusters to low and underpowered Macs, PCs, Chromebooks, iOS, and Android devices. Conversely, This provides a great opportunity for the world’s leading telecommunications firms. It enables them to deliver high-quality, low latency PC gaming to almost any device directly from the cloud. These recent partners form the GeForce NOW Alliance, operating the RTX Servers and NVIDIA cloud-gaming software. It aims to expand and improve cloud gaming worldwide.

NVIDIA GeForce Now expansion in Australia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia

Turkey is one of the latest countries to receive the new cloud gaming feature after a successful collaboration with its country’s own gaming platform, Turkcell. Not long ago, Turkcell announced GeForce NOW Powered by GAME PLUS. The announcement is mainly for gamers who wish to get a heads-up and visit the GAME+ page to pre-register.

NVIDIA GeForce Now expand

For Saudi Arabia, The leading 5G telecom operator, Zain KSA is coming close to a formal launch of its GeForce NOW service. This launch will officially deliver GeForce NOW to Saudi Arabia for the time ever. And for Australia, Pentanet was founded by a team of avid gamers and they built Perth. Perth is Australia’s biggest and fastest-growing fixed wireless network. It delivers high bandwidth internet services to the Perth metro areas and all the way through Western Australia.

Gamers in Australia can gently look forward to gaming on a PC with almost any device in the coming months of 2021. NVIDIA is known for their quality and amazing tech creations and they’re likely going to make this worth the wait. NVIDIA has taken it upon them as a mission to deliver the best cloud-gaming experience to players around the world. With the newest GeForce NOW Alliance members joining the team, they’re likely to make this a long-lasting possibility.

What are your thoughts to the news that NVIDIA GeForce Now to expand to Australia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia later this year? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below!

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