Once Human: NetEase Games’ upcoming survival game to start a closed beta test in September 2022

Upcoming new weird survival title revealed!

NetEase Games unveiled the first look at its upcoming New Weird survival title Once Human and announced that a closed beta test will begin in September 2022. The showcase, which aired on June 11th, provided the first in-depth look at the new PC title, including a brand new trailer and gameplay video that showcased the game’s outstanding art style.

Experience a dark and post-apocalyptic future in Once Human

Once Human is set in a gloomy, post-apocalyptic future where Stardust has been unleashed by the opening of a strange door, unleashing spine-tingling monsters and distorting the earth beyond recognition.

Players in Once Human gain exceptional skills as a result of this Stardust, allowing them to survive the evils that have taken over. If players wish to survive once they’ve stepped out into the world, they’ll have to forage for materials, build a home base, and fight a terrifying array of monsters.

Once Human Boss Monsters Cover
Image via NetEase Games

Players got a first glimpse at some of the huge aberrant beasts they’ll fight as they try to survive in Once Human during IGN’s Summer of Gaming. Creatures and beings infest the earth, twisted by the Stardust pollution that has permeated into the environment, eager to halt players in their struggle to survive.

The upcoming closed beta will feature two exciting game modes

Once Human allows players to choose between PvE and PvP modes. During the demonstration, an in-depth look at each mode was shown for the first time. Players can freely explore the dangerous planet in PvE mode and fight the scary monsters that cross their path. Users who like to work together can choose PvP mode, in which they will team up with other players to defeat opposing strongholds and loot them for resources.

Players will be able to set up their home base and use their accumulated resources to upgrade their weapons, equipment, and vehicles to improve their chances against the insurmountable odds they face, whether they choose PvE or PvP mode.

Once Human closed beta test will start this September. Pre-registration is now open on the Once Human official website. Players can also keep up to date with Once Human by joining the official social media handles.

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