Onmyoji Arena × BLEACH Crossover has started

Come and fight to protect!

The 5V5 MOBA mobile game presented by NetEase Games, Onmyoji Arena has started its exclusive Crossover event with Bleach. The character Ichigo Kurosaki with his skin ‘Soul Cutter‘ will be available on the game, along with Rukia Kuchiki’s Unchanged Aspiration” which can be obtained from the 5th of February.

The character of Ichigo Kurosaki

The resolute boy from high school, Ichigo Kurosaki has a heart full of righteousness. After gaining the power of a Soul Reaper from the wounded Rukia, he sets out on a journey of battling with Hollows as a substitute Soul Reaper.


Possessing powerful combat features, Kurosaki can transform between various forms. His skill designs revolve around his steadfast combat skills as well as various forms which highlights his sturdy combat features. Additionally, He receives different buffs for his abilities in different forms. He can inflict slow effects as well as close-range damage while going through consecutive stages of teleporting.

Skin of ‘Soul-Cutter’

 Onmyoji Arena BLEACH Crossover
Ichigo Kurosaki with ‘Soul-Cutter’

Zangetsu blossoms on the execution platform. Cloaked and bandaged, He emerges through the flames. Zangetsu, who is a Hollow and the manifestation of Ichigo Kurosaki’s Zanpakuto cuts into the ground before the executioner. This particular battle is set to overwhelm the Soul Society.

The tip of Sokyoku hill points towards the skies where a huge bird of flames rises into the heavens. On the execution platform, she awaits her end. Yet he is determined to save her without looking back. Ichigo Kurosaki’s skin “Soul Cutter” will be available as a part of the Onmyoji Arena × BLEACH Crossover, which can be obtained from the game from February 5th.

The character of Rukia Kuchiki 

The Soul Reaper from Squad 13, Rukia Kuchiki’s figure becomes clearer through fog and moonlight. She owns the most breath-taking Zanpakuto in the whole Soul Society, Sodenoshirayuki. Rukia has shared with him her Soul Reaper power to save Ichigo and his family. Despite landing on a death penalty for this, she had no regrets.


Being beautiful yet dangerous, Sodenoshirayuki’s basic attack deals Magic Damage to enemies. The skill designs are based on the powers which are similar to Rukia in BLEACH. It recreates the demonstrations of Somenomai Tsukishiro, Tsuginomai Hakuren, and Sannomai Shirafune. The set of abilities will allow for dynamic combinations and the freezing of enemies. The abilities help to impart heavy damage and lets one take effective control effects in team fights.

Skin of ‘Unchanged Aspiration’

 Onmyoji Arena BLEACH Crossover
Rukia Kuchiki with ‘Unchanged Aspiration’

Even after watching people being hostile and cruel, Rukia’s kindness and resolution always prevail. Rukia Kuchiki’s “Unchanged Aspiration” which can be obtained from the 5th of February.

Enjoy Discounts Exclusive to the Onmyoji Arena × BLEACH Crossover Event

Choose any combinations from the characters of Ichigo Kurosaki with his skin ‘Soul-cutter’ and Rukia Kuchiki’s skin of ‘Unchanged Inspiration’, only once for each character. One can purchase more items and enjoy more discounts!

Unlock characters in the Soulcaller Shrine!

One is supposed to draw as many as 50 character shards with Soulcaller Talismans. This is done to summon each character.

Win Exclusive Rewards in the Psychic War

 Onmyoji Arena BLEACH Crossover

You are supposed to complete quests to receive rewards from the crossover events. Daily event quests are used to receive Psychic Talismans as rewards. This is, in turn, used to draw for crossover exclusive rewards. One will be able to draw for the next round of rewards, once the target reward for the current round is obtained. Also, you can choose to stay in the current round to have more draw opportunities. Target rewards are [BLEACH Expression], [BLEACH Avatar Frame] and [Broadcast Theme: BLEACH].

Come and fight to protect

Based on the Japanese anime television series Bleach, NetEase Games’s Onmyoji has successfully incorporated the TV Show in an exclusive Onmyoji Arena × BLEACH Crossover! The Zanpakuto dashes through under the blood moon, summoning awakening forces in  Heian-kyo! The characters of Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki will be available in the game, starting February 5th!

How did you like the Onmyoji Arena × BLEACH Crossover? Also, don’t forget to drop your opinions in the comments!

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