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Panilla Saga is a retro-idle mobile game now available on Android and iOS

The renowned idle RPG Panilla Saga is making its Western debut on the Apple App and Google Play stores following a tremendously successful launch in Asia. The JRPG-inspired adventure will be enjoyable for even the busiest of gamers. Panilla Saga will go on sale for pre-downloads on October 25 at 12:00 AM and premiere on October 26th. On October 26 at 1:00, the servers are scheduled to launch (UTC-7).

In the interactive game Panilla Saga, players go on a heroic quest to fulfill a prophecy and save their home country. The secret to success is strategically assembling a team of five heroes, each with a strong skill set and armor.

The game blends stunning retro-style RPG components with interesting strategic gameplay. When forming their fighting lineup, players must consider the heroes they have in their party, their weapons, and where they should stand in the lineup. Heroes enable players to design fresh team-fighting strategies after each victory.

Panilla Saga comes with unique gameplay that can last for hours or quick intermittent log-ins throughout the day

With engaging gameplay that can run for hours or brief sporadic log-ins throughout the day, players can choose how hands-on they want to be in their experience. Millions of players have fallen in love with Panilla Saga because of its retro-style fantasy realm and its captivating narrative. Ujoygames is ecstatic to expand the game’s global fan base. Key features of this game include:

  • JRPG Aesthetic: Panilla Saga shines with a retro-style aesthetic that is portrayed in the colorful backgrounds throughout the game, character portraits, and more! 
  • Abundant Rewards: Gain resources through automatic battle even when offline and easily access all accumulated resources through a simple tap on the screen. 
  • Diverse Gameplay: Freedom to choose from nearly 100 heroes from six different classes such as Tank, Ranger, Warrior, Support, Mage, and Fighter. 
  • Nonstop Battle System: Real-time 5v5 battle system makes every fight different and engaging.
  • Time Singular Point: Get ready for roguelike-level challenging gameplay. Different levels will raise the difficulty of battles, and reap even better rewards.
  • Tower of Time: A puzzle-solving exploration mode where each chapter has a unique plot for specific characters. Use this mode to unlock special hero skills. 

The dozens of heroes that are available to be acquired, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, are made up of six separate factions and a wealth of lore. Heroes can become more likeable to players, who will then support them in conflict.

Panilla Saga available
Image via Ujoy Games

There are also many minigames to play, like bounty missions. These quests take advantage of the game’s idle feature, which allows players to send their heroes on a quest and return with the prizes later. In other games, players actively engage in AI combat in order to win prizes, providing a more hands-on experience.

Pre-register for Panilla Saga and earn epic rewards

The following pre-registration incentives are available to all players until the end of the month to assist them get started on their mission to save Panilla.

  • By finishing a few activities during the first week SSR, players can earn a total of 100 Gold Summon Vouchers.
  • Aurthur 1,000,000 Coins
  • 60 Silver Hero Cards
  • 10 Gold Summon Vouchers
  • 500 Diamonds

In Panilla Saga, a number of events will happen during the coming weeks. Special summons, player skins, new equipment, and much more will be available to players. There are a variety of methods to find new heroes to join the fight to defend Panilla, from daily login events to unique Halloween activities.

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