Passionate Creatures: Gameloft’s latest interactive series is now globally available

Bringing romance, intrigue, and vampire suspense to episodic gaming on mobile devices.

The first 45 episodes of Passionate Creatures, The Other Guys‘ latest episodic interactive adventure, are now available on Android and iOS, thanks to Gameloft, a leader in the production and publishing of games. Passionate Creatures is a sexy, thrilling take on the storytelling genre, allowing players more customization, intrigue, and immersion as they play. It’s the latest title from the famed developers behind the highly engaging interactive series app Linda Brown and the interactive narrative platform Journeys.

Help Mia win the artistic scholarship alive in Passionate Creatures

Players take on the role of Mia, a customizable lead heroine and a promising young writer who has just released her first book, Passionate Creatures. She is invited to compete for a famous creative scholarship, but there is more to the invitation than meets the eye. Mia has been summoned to the magnificent and foreboding Finisterre’s Castle as part of an elite group of artists contending for the luxurious reward by an extravagant Countess.

Passionate Creatures Series early access
Image via Gameloft

Mia has no idea what the Countess’ actual secret motives are.  Finisterre is historic and beautiful, but it’s also scary, and Mia and her other artists quickly learn that if they want to survive, they’ll have to do more than compete with one another.

Passionate Creatures takes out episodic games into a new direction,” said Federico Zanchi, Product Manager at The Other Guys. “Players looking for supernatural thrills, wild plot twists, sexy love interests, and plot beats that will make your blood chill, we have the perfect experience for you.

Players can start living their dream life through Passionate Creatures on Google Play for Android, and for iOS on the App Store.

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