Path of Titans is set to enter a closed beta test this summer

Thrive and survive in this epic massively multiplayer dinosaur game!

Path of Titans, a totally cross-platform massively multiplayer survival game is all set to enter the closed beta test. Alderon Games encourages gamers to experience dinosaur life this summer. Players get to take on the role of a dinosaur as they grow from an egg to an adult in a vast ecosystem populated by 30+ dinosaur species, AI creatures, and up to 200 human players. They can explore a natural-event-filled environment while avoiding death and customizing their dinosaur to fit the playstyle.

Survive, explore and thrive through lifecycle events in Path of Titans

Players can find and build a home cave within Panjura, the first of multiple 8km x 8km landscapes, in the Founders Edition, with the second map, Islands of Gwonda, opening soon. Explore the open sandboxes through the extensive system of MMO side-questing for the menagerie of air, land, and sea dinosaurs, with rewards and incentives from egg to adult, by ranking up on official servers, custom community servers, and moving between linked servers with the favorite dinosaurs on solo and social pack adventures.

On PC, mobile, consoles, Mac, and Linux, the Beta will feature cross-platform play. On servers with up to 200 players, the vast, dynamic terrain is filled with AI critters, mission zones, and caves where players can build a home base. Join friends in a herd to take on even greater, coordinate group efforts to take on the huge in-game events, or team up with other players to take on tasks together.

Unlock alternate species and skins for each dinosaur genus. Alter the colors of the dinosaur’s separate parts and add alternate subtle marks. Choose from a variety of dinosaur species, each with its own set of visual traits.

Path of Titans
Image via Alderon Games

Spend points to customize the character’s abilities and attacks to fit the desired play style. Lessen the HP and damage in exchange for more stamina and faster mobility by switching one of the biting strikes to a claw attack or a tail swipe, or reduce HP and damage in exchange for more stamina and faster movement.

Path of Titans features prehistoric creatures from the air, water and land

Submerge completely underwater to search for AI fish while avoiding prehistoric crocodiles. To startle unsuspecting victims, lurk just beneath the surface and lunge out of the water. Explore the depths of the swampy lakes and navigate the complicated redwood river system.

To survive as a semi-aquatic hunter, make the most of the surroundings. Gondwa, a map of islands with significant internal waterways, lagoons, and coastline inlets, will be released soon.

Any game’s community is crucial, and the Path of Titans crew understands how passionate and talented dinosaur fans are. The game includes strong modifying tools that anyone may download and use for free. Anyone can upload their content for cross-platform cross-play gamers to enjoy thanks to rich guidelines to guide modders.

Are you excited as Path of Titans will launch its closed beta test this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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