Play Together will host the “Plant Our Planet” concert featuring popular K-Pop artists

An opportunity to respond to the global climate crisis

The mobile game company HAEGIN has revealed that the “Plant Our Planet” (POP) Concert, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Korea, is set to take place within their mobile casual social network game Play Together.

Get ready to rock for a cause in the “Plant Our Planet” concert

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in collaboration with the Korea Forest Service and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), is organizing the POP Concert as part of their joint reforestation initiative to combat the climate crisis. This concert has been carefully designed to raise awareness about the global climate emergency and to encourage individuals worldwide to participate in the “Plant Our Planet” Campaign.

Play Together Plant Our Planet concert artists
Image via HAEGIN

The concert’s lineup features popular K-Pop artists including THE BOYZ, BAEKHO, fromis_9, AB6IX, and YOUNITE, who will showcase their incredible talents during their performances. Following the live performances, an exclusive behind-the-scenes video will be unveiled during the concert.

The event will be held at the Kaia Island Concert Hall on September 15th at 12:00 PM UTC. Teaser posters and video clips related to the concert can be found at the Concert Hall, and the Merch Shop will be offering hats and t-shirts for sale in support of the “Plant Our Planet” Campaign.

Complete missions and support aspiring K-Pop stars during the concert in Play Together

Players can earn the KOREAZ Lightstick as a reward by completing missions and helping a trainee NPC who dreams of becoming a K-Pop star before September 15th, just before the concert. This special lightstick is designed as an in-game cosmetic item and will automatically appear in the hands of players when they enter the concert, adding to their overall enjoyment of the concert experience.

Play Together Plant Our Planet concert K-Pop artists
Image via HAEGIN

In addition, all players who have logged into Play Together will have the opportunity to attend the Plant Our Planet Concert at no cost. The concert is set to start on September 15th at 12:00 PM UTC, and a countdown will signal the commencement of this exciting event.

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