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Bullet Echo: Tips to level up easily in the game

Follow some fine tips to win the battleground of Bullet Echo!

Bullet Echo is a tactical PvP top-down shooter game by KRAFTON, Inc. The game enforces an action-packed stealth battle royale gameplay where your vision gets limited by a flash. You can choose from a collection of heroes with versatile abilities and weapons to help you promote your league. One must set a strategy and explore unique playstyles to win a battle. Some valuable tips from my side will be of great assistance. Therefore, keep up with our Bullet Echo: Tips to level up to make swift progress.

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How to level up easily in Bullet Echo 

1. Battle to Promote your League

The League is an event-like section where any event in the game lasts for a day or two. As you advance in your league, more features and sections unlock in Bullet Echo. You must take first place to promote yourself to the next league.

Bullet Echo League section
Image via KRAFTON

Through this section, you can also earn tokens in various modes. This space allows you to earn tokens by winning the battles. You need to become the League Champion and get high-quality rewards. The game can ensure this when you win battles in a row.

2. Upgrade the Star Pass

The Star Pass is the in-game season pass for Bullet Echo. The game divides each star pass into episodes. You must get stars in battles to progress ahead in each episode. In this game, the Star Pass also has three types: Free, Premium, and Premium+.

Bullet Echo Star Pass
Image via KRAFTON

Amongst these, the free one gives you rewards like, skins, hero shards, chests, and more. The premium and premium+ passes require real-time transactions to unlock the exclusive rewards. So, it is vital to win in battles, level up, and upgrade your Star Pass to progress. 

3. Complete Milestones in Trophy Road

There are several achievements roads in Bullet Echo to track your progress. The currently available road is the Trophy Road. When one reaches all the milestones in the Trophy Road, the game will unlock the Bravery Road.

Bullet Echo trophy road
Image via KRAFTON

These roads have milestones at certain intervals through which you can win rewards. Now, as you reach a milestone, that adds to your achievements. The rewards you receive will further assist you in battles, improving your league, and other in-game activities. 

4. Train and Gear up your heroes

The heroes in Bullet Echo have unique abilities, styles, and weapons they carry with them. Your character cannot carry extra weapons as in other battle royale games. The qualities of every hero are special in terms of skills they can implement in matches.

Bullet Echo Heroes training and gear
Image via KRAFTON

For the same reason, it is important to train and keep upgrading the heroes so that they face high-difficulty opponents. You should also raise their tier and assign high-quality gear to them for better results in the league and on battlegrounds. 

Final Thoughts

Bullet Echo is an exhilarating addition to the franchise, seamlessly blending tactical gameplay with cultural elements. The game’s emphasis on teamwork fosters a sense of camaraderie among players, making each match a memorable experience. Apart from the main pillars, the mythic and legendary heroes with their special weapons add depth to the gameplay. Hence, it is important to go through our Bullet Echo: Tips to level up the piece to move ahead in the league.

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