Pokemon COO aims to expand the franchise for “hundreds of years” for future generations of fans

Keeping the Magic Alive for Generations to Come!

Chief Operating Officer (COO) Takato Utsunomiya of The Pokemon Company stated in a recent interview with The Guardian that his goal is to keep the popular Pokemon franchise alive for hundreds of years. With Pokémon enjoying more than 25 years of popularity, the enduring characters, led by Pikachu, don’t seem to be going anywhere.

The COO of Pokemon shares his long-term vision

Utsunomiya, who is known to Pokemon fans as the face of Pokemon Direct, gave some insight into his work and emphasized how much time he spends thinking about Pokemon every day. By “keeping Pokémon alive for hundreds of years,” he means that he wants to make sure the franchise endures past the existing fan base.

Recognizing the difficulty in holding the attention of younger generations, Utsunomiya emphasized how open-minded kids might be about their entertainment choices. He underlined that children quickly reject brands that seem dated or uninteresting, which highlights the necessity of ongoing innovation in Pokémon’s storyline and design.

Pokemon Franchise
Image via The Pokemon Company

Although adult fans are drawn to the nostalgic component, Utsunomiya made hints about his continued dedication to producing new pocket monsters for us. Game Freak is committed to advancing the franchise even in the face of disagreements on the greatness of Generation 1 of Pokemon.

The COO also discussed how important the role of Pokemon video games is in developing the storyline of the series. He mentioned that games like Scarlet & Violet and Legends: Arceus try to close the gap between in-game experiences and Pokedex explanations. So, basically, it looks like we might get some awesome new open-world adventures soon. This goes for Pokemon mobile games too. It’s a big deal right now.

Pokemon Franchise
Image via The Pokemon Company

So, it’s clear that Pokemon is a cultural phenomenon with intentions to last for centuries rather than merely a trend. So great news for us Pokemon fans as the future of Pokemon is looking good. As a fellow Pokemon enthusiast, I want to share our other articles on Pokemon Go and Pokemon Unite to help you stay in the loop with updates on these games. And hey, if you’re into it, check out the Top 20 Pokémon-based games for mobile devices.

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