Pokémon GO announces Shared Skies update with new Pokémon, timed research, and more

Dive Into Pokémon GO Fest and GO Battle League

The eagerly anticipated Pokémon GO Shared Skies season kicks off on June 1, running through September 3, bringing a host of new features and activities to the popular mobile game. This season introduces not only new Pokémon but also timed research, seasonal bonuses, and the much-awaited Pokémon GO Fest events happening globally.

Pokémon GO fest highlights the Shared Skies season

As part of the Pokémon GO Shared Skies updates, Pokémon GO Fest will take center stage, drawing millions of trainers worldwide to participate both virtually and at live events in cities like Sendai, Madrid, and New York City. Tickets for Pokémon GO Fest Global are now available, offering players a chance to be part of this grand celebration.

Pokémon GO Shared Skies seeason
Image via Niantic

The Shared Skies season also marks the commencement of the GO Battle League: Shared Skies, starting on June 1 at 1:00 p.m. PDT. This season features a series of league competitions and special cups, including the Great League, Ultra Premier, and Master League, each with its unique set of rules and rewards. Notably, this season introduces enhanced Stardust rewards for wins and the debut of several themed cups such as the Summer Cup: Great League Edition and the Fossil Cup: Great League Edition.

Explore new battles and rewards in GO Battle League

The GO Battle League schedule is packed with back-to-back battles spanning various leagues and special editions. Each week offers trainers a fresh challenge and the opportunity to earn quadruple the Stardust from win rewards. The season also includes the GO Battle Week: Shared Skies from August 16 to August 20, featuring increased battle sets per day and special timed research rewards inspired by Lana from the Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon video games.

This season’s battle league will reset ranks and maintain the previous season’s rank-up requirements, allowing both seasoned and new players to compete on an even footing. Trainers can look forward to unique encounters with Pokémon like Wingull, Scraggy, Deino, and even the potential to catch a shiny Pikachu Libre at higher ranks.

Pokémon GO Shared Skies rewards
Image via Niantic

As Pokémon GO continues to innovate and expand, the Shared Skies season promises to bring more excitement and engagement to its global community of players. Whether you’re battling in leagues, participating in worldwide events, or just exploring the new features, this season is set to enhance every trainer’s experience in the world of Pokémon GO.

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