Pokémon Go: List of counters for Regice raid event 2022

Counter strategies that can make the ice-type Pokemon vulnerable

January 2022 will be one of the busiest months for Pokémon Go players. A lot of Pokémon have been added to the roster with frequent Legendary raid rotations players are going to have their hands full in the upcoming weeks. The popular AR game is going to see a lot of action in January 2022 and with the addition of Regice, Pokémon Go is going to get even more exciting.

Regice will make a comeback to the battle scene during the final week of January. Its short stay at the battle arena does not make the job of the trainers any easier. In recent times Regice has made appearances and most trainers should be well accustomed to its powers and weaknesses. Still, it is important to build the latest counter strategy instead of only focusing on the time-tested ones. 

Regice in Pokémon Go: Characteristics and tricks to counter

Pokémon Go Regice counters
Image via Niantic

Regice belongs falls under Generation III of Pokémon and it is an Ice-type Pokémon. It holds the rank of Legendary Titans like Regirock and Registeel. The colossal creature is made up of solid Antarctic ice. Needless to say, it would require a lot of hard work for the trainers to keep this goliath in check.

Best Regice Raid Counters in Pokémon Go for January 2022

  • Charizard (Mega Y) – Fire Spin/Blast Burn
  • Reshiram – Fire Fang/Overheat
  • Metagross – Bullet Punch/Meteor Mash
  • Charizard (Mega X) – Fire Spin/Blast Burn
  • Moltres – Fire Spin/Overheat
  • Chandelure – Fire Spin/Overheat

The aforementioned list is not a comprehensive guide to counter Regice. But these will help a lot since most of them have a lot of firepower. Regice being an ice monster its primary weakness is fire along with steel and rock. Trainers must keep in mind to have a solid team of five while heading into the battle. All the players in the team should execute different counter strategies simultaneously to defeat the beastly ice monster.

What are your thoughts about Regice appearing in Pokémon Go in January 2022? Do let us know in the comments below!

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