Pokémon Go players express disappointment over high Escape Rates for 7th Anniversary Event

Yet another community disappointment!

Pokémon GO, despite seeing the grand success and promise that the game showed once it was released has encountered some rough patches in recent times. The fanbase being an active community has always made sure to voice out their opinion based on the high Escape Rates for the recent 7th Anniversary Event that was made live this month in Pokémon Go.

The high starter Pokemon escape rates have led to players losing Pokeballs a plenty

Since this year marks the 7th anniversary of Pokemon Go, the celebration event, which kicked off last Thursday, July 6, 2023, is scheduled to feature rotating bonuses, glimmering Gimmighoul coins, different starter Pokémon appearing each day as a part of the celebration, the return of a shiny Masterwork Research Story, and more.

It is always exciting for trainers to catch starter Pokémon from all seven generations, and the anniversary event was supposed to be a great opportunity. This is because encountering and capturing starter Pokémon such as Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle in the wild can be challenging as they are supposed to be rare.

Unfortunately, the much-anticipated opportunity to catch starter Pokémon during the 7th Anniversary Party Event in Pokémon Go has become a source of disappointment for many players. The frustration arises from the high escape rates associated with these Pokémon, which they have escaped from Poke Balls, causing players to lose a considerable amount of Pokéballs in the process.

Pokemon GO 7th Anniversary
Image via Niantic

This has also led to the scarcity of Pokémon other than starters arriving during the event, which is also a hit on the resources. Good throws not getting a catch is always disappointing, and even though rarity is something they wanted to maintain, Niantic should have considered lowering the rates a bit before the event.

What are your thoughts on the high Escape Rates for 7th Anniversary Event starter Pokemon in Pokémon Go? Do let us know in the comments below!

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