Pokemon Masters EX 1.5 Year Anniversary: Champion Time Rally is introduced

Campaigns and events go live on 25th of February!

For celebrating the 1.5 year anniversary, the official profile of Pokemon Masters EX has just notified about the next steps. On the website and Twitter, the dates of the special events for the next few days have been revealed.


Champion Time Rally

The profile states that a special event, the Champion Time Rally, starts as soon as the celebration goes live. The event starts on the 25th of February at 10 PST and continues until April.

Pokemon Masters Ex 1.5 Year
Champion Time Rally Timeline

Champion Time Story Event

Starting on the 25th of February, the Story will have new scenes in which Leon battles Blue in the Champion Time Story event. You sure don’t want to miss the new cutscenes with Leon, Marnie and more!

Master sync pair and new characters!

Master Sync Pair of Leon & Charizard

Also on the 25th of February, Leon, the champion of the Galar & Charizard will arrive in the sync pair scout. The game has just released the master sync pair, and claim that this one will grant your team a huge boost with their master passive skill.

New characters of Marnie, Morpeko along with others!

From Galar still, Marnie & Morpeko will also arrive in the sync pair scout. Their pair can switch between Full Belly mode and Hangry mode to take on opponents of different types.

Pokemon Masters Ex 1.5 Year
Marni-Morpeko with Gloria & Zacian

Gloria & Zacian will return on March 3, forming a Steel-type strike sync pair that can unleash a barrage of powerful moves. The power of their Behemoth Blade and sync move increases if the target itself has a sync buff. Along with them, Iris and Diantha will also finally be coming to the game, although on different days.

Rewards in store

Free Gems!

Free gems for everyone!

Just for logging in, you can get up to 10,000 gems. This begins from the 25th of February at 10 PDT and continues till the 30th of March at 10:59 PDT. Keep logging in every day for your free rewards!

5-Star Scouts are coming!

Pokemon Masters Ex 1.5 Year
5-Star Special Scout up for grabs!

On the 27th of February, the players will receive the x11 scout. After using it, you can select a 5-star sync pair from the ones included in the scout! Bear in mind that this scout can be used just one time!

Blissful Bonanza will begin

From the 21st of March, the Blissful Bonanza will start. It will grant tickets that can be exchanged for items such as 5-star Guaranteed scout tickets, lucky cookies and more. The tickets are earned upon daily battles.

Using the grid will become easier!

If you ever had problems using the grid, they are close to being gone. An upcoming update will make the sync grid easier to use with new features like multiple tile selection, sync grid presets, individual grid resets and more!

Pokemon Masters0 Ex 1.5 Year
Latias is coming to Legendary Arena

Last but not least, Latias is coming to the Legendary arena on the 30th of March at 11:00 PDT. Be sure to assemble your best team to take on this challenge!

How much are you excited about the Pokemon Masters EX celebrating their 1.5 year anniversary? Drop your reactions in the comments section below!

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