Pokemon Masters Ex: Reward adjustments and interesting events to arrive soon

A new Legendary Event is also in the works

Pokemon Masters Ex is a free-to-play mobile game for Android and iOS developed and published by DeNA. In a recent post on their official website, the developers gave some insights about the plans to adjust the balance of the game. The developers have increased the reward receiving chances in Pokemon Masters Ex and significant adjustments were made to the items which were despatched as rewards. They have plans for both new entrants and veteran players to have a better in-game experience.

Pokemon Masters Ex: Reward Amount Adjustments

There are a few adjustments made on the rewards which we can obtain from events and rallies.

The event planned for the end of November will grant  5★ Power-Ups, and the number of obtainable 5★-Guaranteed Scout Tickets and Move Candy Coins will be increased.

Main Adjustments

Pokemon masters powerups

5★ Power-Ups

  • End of Nov. through the end of Dec.: 5★ Power-Up ×2  
  • End of Dec. through the end of Jan.: 5★ Power-Up ×2

5★ Scout Tickets

  • End of Nov. through the end of Dec.: 5★ Scout Ticket ×18  
  • End of Dec. through the end of Jan.: 5★ Scout Ticket ×34

Move Candy Coins (all three types)

  • End of Nov. through the end of Dec.: Move Candy Coin ×7  
  • End of Dec. through the end of Jan.: Move Candy Coin ×10

The numbers above reflect the maximum amount of items you’ll be able to get by completing events and battles in the Champion Stadium.

In-game changes

The Champion Stadium 

  • A new master mode is ready to introduce a new way to play in the stadium. The update will be available by the end of December.
  • Before entering the battle, players will be able to select different options that will give your opponent advantages. Winning a battle in this mode will let you receive a good amount of points.
  • Based on the total points earned each week, 5★ Power-Ups, ★ Power-Up Tickets, and Move Candy Coins will be available as rewards. 

Reduced Stamina Recovery Time

  • At the end of the December update, the devs have reduced the amount of time needed to recover stamina. 
  • Stamina recovery time will change from one point of stamina every six minutes to one point of stamina every four minutes.

New Legendary Event

The developers are actively preparing for a legendary event scheduled in February of 2021. 

The levels caps of sync pairs that can join the team from previous legendary events are available to unlock when those events return.

With this announcement, Pokemon Masters Ex is set to have events and rallies from the end of November and throughout December. Apart from that, the devs are working hard to deliver updates and improvements that make the world of Pokemon Masters EX as fun as possible. 

What is your opinion on the Pokemon Masters Ex Reward adjustments? Mention it in the comment section below!

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