Pokémon Unite November 10, 2021 Update patch notes: Bug fixes, balance changes, possible arrival of new Pokémon

The Pokémon Unite Twitter account teased the arrival of Hawlucha

On the 10th of November, 2021, Pokémon Unite will receive a minor patch update, focusing primarily on the characters and battle items. This update isn’t massive, but it makes significant changes to the balancing of characters and battle items, making the game properly balanced.

Greedent’s performance in the game outraged the community. These balancing improvements were long overdue, and they arrived just in time; the Greedent nerf will make the game playable once more. All of these Balance Changes are unofficial, so take them with a grain of salt, but thanks to @eclipse_tt on Twitter, we can more or less confirm it. The official Twitter account for Pokémon UNITE teased the arrival of Hawlucha in the game. Based on the time frame for Hawlucha’s arrival, he could arrive with this patch update on November 10.

Pokémon Unite November 2021 Update: Bug Fixes

Pikachu (Balanced)

Pokemon Unite Pikachu
Pokemon Unite Pikachu

One of the attacks of Pikachu had a bug, which has now been fixed.


  • Fixed Bug (The attack could not be used under certain conditions)

Alolan Ninetales (Buffed)

Pokemon Unite Alolan Ninetales
Pokemon Unite November 2021 Update: Alolan Ninetales


  • Special Attack increased


  • Cooldown reduced
  • Damage increased 

Gardevoir (Buffed)

Pokemon Unite Gardevoir, Pokémon Unite November 2021 Update
Pokemon Unite Gardevoir


  • Secondary effects improved
  • Cooldown reduced

Garchomp (Balanced)

Pokemon Unite Garchomp
Pokemon Unite Garchomp

Ability: Rough Skin

  • Fixed Bug (It did more damage under certain conditions)

Sylveon (Balanced)

Pokemon Unite Sylveon


  • Fixed Bug (HP recovery effect wouldn’t be activated properly)

Greedent (Nerfed)

Greedent-Pokemon-Unite, Pokémon Unite November 2021 Update
Pokemon Unite November 2021 Update: Greedent

Ability: Cheek Pouch

  • HP recovery reduced


  • Fixed Bug (Excessive use in certain conditions)

Stuff Cheeks

  • Shield reduced

Bullet Seed

  • Damage increased


  • CD increased
  • Damage reduced


  • Fixed Bug (Jump Panel issue)

Pokémon Unite update: Battle Item Balances


  • HP recovery increased!

X Speed

  • Movement Speed increased!

Full Heal

  • Fixed Bug (Status effects were not removed properly, now fixed)

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