Pokémon Unite announces the release of Mimikyu along with a Halloween event in the mix

Mimikyu arrives in Halloween!

Pokémon Unite always comes up with new event ideas during the month of October, when Halloween is around the corner. The makers behind Pokémon Unite have announced the release date of Mimikyu, which was previously leaked as an upcoming Pokémon in August 2023. This highly-anticipated reveal would surely excite the fans of the game.

Pokémon Unite: Mimikyu will release in mid-October

As it was previously speculated and announced that Mimikyu would be appearing in the game as a playable character, the movesets of the Pokémon had also leaked a few weeks ago. It is now that the release date of the Pokémon has been officially announced.

The initial deliberations gave the deduction that Mimikyu is an agility and attack-based All-rounder. According to the official announcement, Mimikyu is scheduled to appear in the game on Thursday, October 19th. Many are undoubtedly looking forward to it.

Pokémon Unite Halloween Event 2023 revealed

Image via The Pokémon Company

In simultaneousness with Mimikyu’s arrival, a Halloween event will be held in Pokémon Unite from October 19th (Thursday). During the event period, players can earn Halloween coins by completing challenges in special Halloween-themed quick battles. Players can then exchange the Halloween coins for items from the dispenser. From the looks of it, it looks like that ‘Pumpkin-throwing’ quick game again.

Pokémon Unite October 2023 UNITE membership

If you join the UNITE Membership” you will receive benefits like:

Blissey October holowear
Image via The Pokémon Company
  1. A special “Holoware of the Month”- Pixie’s “Kasou Party Style”!
  2. Two more free Unite licenses every week.
  3. Two free Holowear every week.
  4. Exclusive chat bubbles and special icon frames.
  5. Trainer fashion will be available at a 10% discount when purchased with Gem/Eos tickets for one week only after release.
  6. 40 gems are present every day! As a bonus for first-time registration, you will also get a sweatshirt fashion “Hoopa Set”!

The membership is a great choice for regular gamers, especially Blissey and Hoopa mains. Undoubtedly, the Mimikyu release date and Halloween plans has every player of the game excited.

What are your thoughts on the release of Mimikyu during the Halloween event in Pokémon Unite? Let us know in the comments below.

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