Pokémon Unite Blissey Guide: Best Build, Items, Movesets, and Gameplay Tips

Tips to play Blissey in the all-new MOBA Pokémon Unite!

Blissey is one of the many Pokémons that one can choose to play in Pokémon Unite. Blissey is a melee healer support. This means Blissey sticks closely to teammates to ensure that they stay alive for as long as possible. This egg lover is played in the bottom lane and does best when paired with an all-rounder. In this guide, we will take a closer look at the best battle items, and abilities, including the tips and tricks to make your way to victory with Blissey in Pokémon Unite.

Previously, we have discussed how to master playing with other Pokémons like Pikachu, Mamoswine, and Eldegoss. So make sure to check that guide as well. For now, let’s focus on Blissey.

Blissey: In-game Cost

Pokemon Unite blissey, Pokémon Unite Blissey Guide
Pokemon Unite Blissey

Blissey is a somewhat, cheap Pokémon, that is available for purchase. Blissey can be purchased for 8000 Aeos coins or 460 Gems from the in-game shop called the Unite Battle Committee. The shop consists of all the characters available from which players can view general info, stats, and abilities of the Pokémon before purchasing them.

Pokémon Unite Blissey movesets

Blissey’s abilities focus on enchanting allies with buffs such as shields, heals, attack speed, and movement speed. In this Blissey guide, we are going to see in-depth how these abilities work in Pokémon Unite. We will also show how one can master it in no time.

Passive – Natural Cure

It removes all status conditions inflicted on the Pokemon. Then, it goes on cooldown, after it is triggered.

Basic Attack

After a period of time passes, the next attack is boosted and deals increased damage.

Ability 1 – Pound

Slams the ground in a small AOE circle, dealing damage to all opponents hit and slowing them.

Ability 2 – Heal Pulse

Restores a small amount of HP to you and your ally over time

Ability choices at level 4

Ability 1 evolves into one of the two abilities at level 4.

Soft BoiledSafeguard
Throws an egg to heal you and an ally instantly, a maximum of three charges of this ability can be stored   Upgrade: Maximum charges of this ability is increased to 4Cleanses your ally of crowd control effects and makes them Unstoppable, being immune to hindrances and is granted a shield for a few seconds   Upgrade: Shield value is increased

Ability choices at level 6

Ability 2 evolves into one of the two abilities at level 6.

Egg BombHelping Hand
Blissey throws an egg at a location that explodes, dealing damage and displacing enemies that are hit.Increases the movement and basic attack speed of all allies near Blissey, as well as boost Blisseys attacks for a short period of time.
Upgrade: The ability lows enemies for a short period of time after being thrown.Upgrade: It also boosts the damage of all nearby allies basic attacks by 15%.

Unite Move – Bliss Assistance

Blissey dashes to a chosen ally, knocks up and damages all enemies in Blisseys path and gives the ally an egg. This grants the ally a shield, attack, special attack and the ally now redirects a portion of damage dealt to them to Blissey instead for a short time

Best items for Blissey in Pokémon Unite

Best Held Items

ItemWhy it is useful
Buddy BarrierWhen Pokémon uses its Unite Move, it will give the Pokémon and a nearby ally with the lowest health a shield for a percentage of their max HP. This is helpful since the goal as a support is to protect your teammates. This can let one stay alive for much longer because of the large amount of health buddy barrier gives.
EXP ShareWhile your experience points are the lowest on your team, you will get 2 experience points per second, but you will not share XP with your allies when you kill a Pokémon. Blissey doesn’t need much XP when using XP share. A player must make sure to give most of the wild Pokémon to the lane partner so that they can get a big XP lead and carry the game. As a general rule of thumb, players should take 20% of the nearby wild Pokémon and give 80% to the allies.
Focus BandWhen the Pokemon is reduced to low HP, they will gradually recover health over a few seconds. Blissey has the highest HP in the game, when paired with Focus Band Blissey is able to stay alive for insane amounts of time and serve as a frontline for the team.

Best Battle Items

  • Eject Button: Eject Button instantly teleports Blissey a short distance of your choice. This item has a 70-second cooldown. This is, by far, the best battle item to use on Blissey. Since, it lets you reposition quickly, giving the ability to escape fights. This could also present with oppurtunities, sometimes go into fights quickly.
  • Fluffy Tail: A niche, but surprisingly, strong Battle Item choice is Fluffy Tail. Fluffy Tail stops a wild Pokémon from being able to act for a few seconds. It greatly increases the damage done to them. This item has a 25-second cooldown. This works well with Blissey because it can use Fluffy Tail on objectives such as Drednaw, Rotom or Zapdos so you can defeat them faster.
  • Slow Smoke: Since Blissey already has a lot of survivability, players could choose to use Slow Smoke instead. When Slow Smoke is used, it decreases the movement speed of all opponents within a wide circular radius of the user. This item can be very beneficial in team fights, as it lets you slow down multiple opponents – then you can strengthen your entire team with buffs and heals, making team fights work strongly in your favour.

Pokémon Unite Blissey Gameplay Tips

Our Pokémon Unite Blissey guide includes the perfect game plan for the early and late game during the Unite battles.

Early Game

Blissey doesn’t do much until Drednaw spawns. In the first few minutes of the game, players must make sure to stay alive. One must make sure to keep the lane partner alive for as long as possible in that way. Make sure to position yourself near your lane partner. In that way, one can heal them as soon as they take damage and move in front of them to take the damage for them.

Blissey in Early Game

The position as Blissey can vary depending on who your lane partner is. For example, if you have Cinderace as a lane partner, you will want to stay in front. In the case of having Lucario as a lane partner, one should stay in the same space as them. Once Drednaw spawns, players should be around level 6 and have both Soft-Boiled and Helping Hand. One must make sure to ping for backup, once Drednaw spawns. This is because with Blissey, taking Drednaw with the team is a piece of cake!

Late Game

Late Game is when Blissey has a large impact on the game. As long as one sticks near your team and position themselves properly, taking the objectives should be easy.

Pokémon Unite Blissey Guide
Blissey in Late Game

One must make sure to get the timing of using cotton guard right. If they use it at the correct time, that one ability could win your teamfight. On a personal note, I find it best to use it as soon as an enemy Pokémon attacks the ally. This is because they will usually follow up with the attack.

Positioning of Blissey

  • Blissey’s best lane is by far, the bottom lane, with the strong healing and defensive abilities, it helps your lane partner stay alive for an absurd amount of time to defend their goal.
  • Only rotate when your teammates are as well, the golden rule of playing support is to never be alone, luckily you can move around the map quickly with the extra movement speed from Helping Hand.

Blissey with other Pokémon

Our Pokémon Unite guide will also look at the combination of Blissey with Pokémon during Unite battles.

Best synergies with Eldegoss

CinderaceBlissey with Cinderace is one of the best two Pokemon combos in the game. Cinderace is one of the best attackers in the game due to the high DPS. When paired with Blisseys ‘Helping Hand’, he can attack for even more damage and faster. This could help in moving faster as well, making kiting the opponents easy.
GreninjaBlissey with Greninja is a great combo for the same reason. As Blissey goes with Cinderace, Helping Hand makes Greninja able to deal more damage at a faster speed, as well as being able to chase anyone down or easily leave a fight due to the extra movement speed.
ZeraoraZeraora’s passive basic attack ability gives Zeraora a heal after every third attack. With the extra attack speed from Helping Hand, players are able to use this passive ability much more consistently, letting the team win a fight against anyone.
GarchompGarchomp synergises well with Blissey for a similar reason to Zeraora. Garchomp’s basic attack and passive state that every attack or ability hit gives one stack. For every stack, the attack speed is increased. At five stacks, his attacks heal yourself. With Helping Hand, Garchomp is able reach five stacks quicker as Garchomp is able to go after enemies and attack faster.

Pokémon which are strong and weak against Blissey

Strong againstWeak against
LucarioMr Mime

Pokémon Unite Blissey: Tips and tricks

This guide will also discuss some tips and tricks for playing the supportive Blissey in Pokémon Unite.

  1. The abilities that you choose on Blissey are situational. If one is against pokemon with lots of crowd control such as Wigglytuff, Snorlax or Slowbro then choose Safeguard instead of Soft-Boiled. If the team has very little/no attack-based Pokemon, then consider using Egg Bomb instead of Helping Hand
  2. It is always necessary to play a support with a correct envision. As a healer support, the player should think that he is not helping the teammates level up. Rather, he is preventing them from dying and giving the enemy team more XP. Basically, the player is the “anti-carry”.
  3. Blissey is very forgiving, when the players generally mispositions or make mistakes. As, with the presence of it, they usually end up living anyway. Blissey has the highest amount of health points in the game. This mean that it is able to play like a defender and stay at the front of the team, if it needs to be.
  4. Going higher in the ranks, it always felt easier and easier to climb with Blissey. Blissey is a very team-fight-oriented character. Since, players in Expert and below won’t always rotate for Drednaw, players need to rely on winning lane and using some well-timed abilities to win games.
  5. Some other held items you could try on Blissey are Score Shield, Assault Vest and Rocky Helmet. One must feel free to experiment with these items as they may prefer them depending on your playstyle.
  6. Blisseys Unite move, ‘Bliss Assistance’, gives the most benefit in a teamfight when used on a ranged attacker. It consistently helps to get kills on the team, such as Cinderace or Greninja. By using Bliss Assistance on them, it gives them a large amount of surviveability. This automatically makes them peel lots of damage off for them.
  7. Save the Unite Move for Zapdos. This is an easily overlooked aspect of the game that can change the entire outcome of the game. By saving the Unite Move for Zapdos and encouraging your teammates to defend Zapdos, it ensures that they can secure the objective and win the game.
  8. One must make sure that they do check the map before Zapdos spawns. Look around in the bushes surrounding Zapdos to ensure there are no sneaky enemies waiting to steal it.
  9. Score goals with your teammates as the teammates will defend on the goal point. The goal timer will go faster if they have more teammates standing on the point.
  10. Map awareness is crucial when playing Blissey. Players need to know where the team is in relativity to where the opposing team is. By this way, players are able to make an educated decision on whether to engage in a fight or leave.
  11. When playing Blissey, players may die a lot and get very few kills/assists, which is particularly normal. Blissey has very few inefficient ways of getting out of fights. This means that it will either have to commit to defending/peeling for an ally or staying behind them and out of the opponent’s range.
  12. One must prioritise staying near allies that have lots of kills and can carry. It is important to prioritise healing these allies. Because the chances of the other allies playing well and staying alive aren’t as likely. A damage-focused Pokémon tend to have less Health and Defence points. This means they do best with a Healer keeping them from dying.
  13. Blissey is an excellent pick if players are going to be playing with people you can communicate with. Examples include through voice chat or several other mediums. This is because, players can communicate with the allies to prioritise objectives and with Blisseys heals and AOE buffs, making taking objectives should be an easy task.

Final Thoughts

Blissey is one of the strongest support of the Pokemon choices at the moment. This Pokémon can win you games consistently if played correctly. Blissey is an enchanter that specialises in team fights when played correctly. Blissey can keep teammates alive and strong, helping them to win every fight. We hope this guide inspires more people to play Blissey and gives some insight into how to play this awesome supporter!

That’s all for today’s Pokémon Unite Blissey Guide. Do you prefer to use Blissey in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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