Pokémon Unite Battle Pass Season 9 Rewards: Pikachu and Wigglytuff Holowears, Rewards and more

New battlepass in the coming!

It is less than a day remaining for the 1st-anniversary celebration of The Pokémon Company’s new MOBA game. As previously reported, the Pokémon Unite yearly celebration would include the start of a new Battle Pass Season 9 with exciting rewards. The MOBA game has officially confirmed the Battle Pass rewards via several social media handles. Here’s a glimpse of the obtainable rewards as per the latest information from the official Pokemon Unite MOBA.

Pokémon Unite Battle Pass Season 9 Rewards: Various Holowears

The Battle Pass season 9 debuts on the 21st of July, 2022, at 12:00 a.m. PDT, alongside the release of Glaceon and other several events and rewards as reported by us earlier. There would be 2 exclusive holowears available for Battle Pass users, a Songstress-Style Wigglyutff and a Band-Style Pikachu. There would not have been a better Pokémon for the Songstress Style though.

The Pokemon Company has confirmed that the players would get the Wigglytuff holowear immediately upon the purchase of the Battle Pass. However, they would have to climb up the Rank orders of the Battle Pass, in order to get the Band Style Pikachu. Although, they did not confirm which level might have the Band Style Pikachu as the reward. Our guess would be Level 60, just like the Dragonite Holowear of Season 8.

Pokémon Unite Battle Pass Season 9 Rewards
Songstress Style Wigglytuff and Band Style Pikachu (Image via The Pokémon Company)

Other Rewards up for grabs

Not only the Pokemon Holowears, but the official video announcement also states several player skins as rewards. However, they didn’t say whether those skins would be available for non-battle pass users, but our guess would be “NO” if we follow the previous Battle Pass seasons.

Also, if we follow the analogy, several snapshot stickers, backgrounds and poses may also be included as rewards. Non-Battle pass users are, however, guaranteed to receive lots of Aeos Coins, Aeos Gems, and Item Enhancers as usual.

Pokémon Unite Battle Pass Season 9 Rewards
Obtainable Rewards from Battle Pass Season 9 (Image via The Pokémon Company)

As much joy as the new Battle Pass season brings tomorrow, so does the Anniversary Celebrations, which would be for all players. Do keep following our news to know about the Anniversary Celebration Events and the latest Pokemon additions.

What are your thoughts on the new Season 9 Battle Pass Rewards, which are coming in Pokémon Unite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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