Pokémon Unite Data Leaks reveal possible newcomers to the game

Know about the next Pokémons in Pokémon UNITE!

Pokémon Unite data mines suggest that Pokémons Delphox, Espeon, Buzzwoleand Glaceon are the next Pokémon to be added to the game in 2022. A few weeks ago, a reputable data miner ElChicoEevee, posted a tweet with clues regarding the next Pokémon for the game and only gave the following information:

Pokémon UNITE new Pokémons
Image via Twitter

The Pokémon UNITE community discovered that the message was encoded, and soon after, the user TM66 discovered that when decoded, the message reads the following:

Pokémon UNITE next Pokémons
Image via Twitter

A few days ago, another reputable data miner who has consistently leaked accurate information, known as Eclipse, confirmed that the Pokémon Delphox is coming to the game. They also announced that Espeon is another possible character in the game and the Ultra Beast Buzzwole and that Glaceon might also be released after these other three.

Pokémon UNITE next Pokémons
Image via Discord

After this announcement, the UNITE community was curious about how another evolution of Eevee would be implemented in the game, as that would mean there could be two Eevees in a game. The data miner Eclipse has thought of these possibilities.

Details about the upcoming Pokémon in Pokémon UNITE

1. Delphox

Pokemon GO Delphox
Image via The Pokemon Company

The most likely Pokémon to come to the game out of the above leaks is Delphox. Delphox is a fire-type bipedal Pokémon with a foxlike appearance with a Pokedex entry that reads the following, “It gazes into the flame at the tip of its branch to achieve a focused state, which allows it to see into the future.” Since Delphox has such a high special attack and speeds stat, it is safe to assume that Delphox will be an attacker.

2. Espeon

Another Pokémon with an excellent possibility to come to the game is Espeon. Like Sylveon, Espeon is another evolution of Eevee, a quadrupedal psychic type Pokémon with a similar appearance to a cat. Espeons Pokedex entry says that “its fur has a look and feel of velvet. The orb on its forehead glows when it uses psycho-power”.

Pokemon GO Espeon
Image via The Pokemon Company

Espeon has the same ability as Gardevoir called “Synchronize”. In UNITE, this makes Gardevoir inflict the same status condition that Gardevoir has back onto the user. Espeon also has a high special attack, so it is possible that Espeon can also be an attacker or could use psychic abilities as a supporter.

3. Buzzwole

Pokemon GO Buzzwole
Image via The Pokemon Company

The next Pokémon that isn’t as likely to be added to the game is Buzzwole. Buzzwole is a Bug and Fighting-type Pokémon from the “Swollen Species”. It is also an Ultra Beast Pokémon. Buzzwole’s Pokedex entry reads, “This Ultra Beast appeared from another world. It shows off its body, but whether that display is a beast or a threat remains unclear.” Buzzwole uses its fists to fight, so it can be assumed that Buzzwole will be a melee all-rounder or defender.

4. Glaceon

Image via The Pokemon Company

The last Pokémon with the least likelihood of joining Pokémon UNITE is Glaceon. Like Sylveon, Glaceon is another evolution of Eevee, a quadrupedal ice-type Pokémon with a similar appearance to a cat. Espeons Pokedex’s entry says, “It can control its body temperature at will. This enables it to freeze the moisture in the atmosphere, creating flurries of diamond dust.”

Are you excited about the next Pokémons coming to Pokémon Unite in 2022? Let us know in the comments below!

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