Pokémon Unite April datamine leaks reveal upcoming events, holowear, and more

New leaks for the month of April has been revealed!

It’s finally April, the month of Lapras‘ arrival. Besides, the already speculated news of Eevee’s next evolution coming to the game has everyone excited. Also, the reliable data mine leaker Elchicoeevee has now come up with some fabulous news for the Pokémon Unite community. Some of that updates are the ones, which have been already speculated about long before. Some are totally new. Let’s take a quick look into our April Datamine leaks and find out what Elchicoevee and many other Pokémon Unite YouTubers have to say.

Pokémon Unite April datamine leaks: New Pokémon, Holowears and more

Leafeon, as already reported by us before, is coming to Pokemon Unite. Now, the news sources claim that Leafeon would be a speedster in the game. The fifth Eevolution, after Sylveon, Espeon, Glaceon, and the upcoming Umbreon is set to arrive in the month of June.

Pokémon Unite Datamine April leaks Leafeon
Image via The Pokémon Company

The date would be around the 8th or 9th of that month, as per sources. Furthermore, the news is that all the forms of Eevee would be having a Checkered-style holowear by June. Charizard, Talonflame, and newcomer Chandelure would be getting new Holowears too!

Image via ElChicoeevee Twitter

In another tweet, Elchicoeevee confirmed that there would be a game mode with only Eevees (like the Pika Party mode), which might have rewards like buying an Umbreon license. Furthermore, there’s been a hint towards another event (Victory of the Dozen Event), where one might need to collect Puzzle Pieces to buy a Unite License.

Pokémon Unite April datamine leaks: New Ranked Season rewards, Battle Pass, and Items

The Ranked Season 10 is also coming to an end within the next few days, and so is the current Battle Pass season. The sources have claimed that the next BattlePass Season would have a Zoroark Holowear. Besides, it would also have a new item coming on board, which is the Rank Protection Cards.

Although not entirely clear about the concept, several members of the Unite community are thinking this item would help one to not lose the diamonds after a loss, in the Ranked games, till Ultra Rank. This item, as it seems, has arose controversy as many think, this card is just an instance of how the game is becoming a ‘pay to win‘ one.

Image via ElChicoeevee Twitter

Also, the Ranked Seasons 11 and 12 would have Trainer Skins as rewards, and the dates of the Season Beginnings as per Elchicoeeve are stated below:

  • Season 11: 19-04-2023 to 12-06-2023
  • Season 12: 12-06-2023 to 21-07-2023
  • Season 13: 21-07-2023 to 07-09-2023
  • Season 14: 07-09-2023 to 22-10-2023

Final Thoughts

Besides these, there’s also a hint towards a Generation I and a Paldean Pokemon coming to the game, in many of the Twitter posts. Only time will tell if the speculations are true. We will update this section in case more leaks get revealed in time.

What are your thoughts on the Pokémon Unite April 2023 Datamine Leaks? Let us know in the comments below.

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