Pokémon Unite Zoroark Guide: Best Builds, Items, Movesets and Gameplay Tips

Tips to play the newest Pokémon in game!

The latest addition to the Pokémon Unite roster is the perfect synergy to the Halloween that is, the Dark-type speedster in the game, Zoroark. With reported leaks of its movesets long ago, the wait for a Speedster’s arrival had begun since then. The long-awaited Speedster has a different sort of mechanics attached to it. Therefore, players must dig deep and know the basics to understand how to play with it and master it. Hence, one must make sure to read this article till the end to know the basics about playing with the Fox-themed Pokémon from Generation 5. In this guide, we will take a closer look at the best battle items, and abilities, including tips and tricks to play Zoroark in Pokémon Unite.

Also, previously, we have discussed how to master playing with other Pokémon like  Pikachu, MamoswineEldegoss, Zeraora, BlisseyCharizardSnorlaxTsareenaDecidueyeDragoniteTalonflameCinderaceGreninjaGardevoirVenusaurWigglytuffTrevenantGengarLucarioAegislashCrustleHoopaGarchompAbsolAlolan NinetalesDuraludonCramorantBlastoiseSlowbroMachampMr. MimeGreedentAzumarillSylveonEspeon, DelphoxGlaceon, Buzzwole, Tyranitar, Mew, Dodrio, Scizor and Clefable. Therefore, one must make sure to check those guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Zoroark.

Zoroark: In-game cost

Pokémon Unite Zoroark Guide in-game cost
Image via The Pokémon Company

Zoroark is currently available in the Unite Battle Committee for 1381 Aeos Gems (along with a Party-Style Costume together). It would be individually available in exchange for Aeos Coins or Gems only from 2nd November. Keep following, to know the correct price. Most likely it would be 575 Gems or 14000 Coins.

Zoroark: Evolution

1st Evolution2nd Evolution
(Lv. 1)(Lv. 5)

Pokémon Unite Zoroark Guide: Zoroark movesets

The following are the moves of the Dark-type fox-based Zoroark in Pokemon Unite. Hence, do read them profoundly.

Basic Ability

The ability becomes a boosted attack with every third attack, dealing increased damage.

Passive Ability – Illusion

  • CD: 15s.

The Pokémon takes the form of a random wild Pokémon or Pokémon from the opposing team. However, the Pokémon returns to its original form when it takes damage or uses a basic attack or move.

Ability 1 – Slash

  • CD: 5.5s.

This move has the user dash in the designated direction. Consequently, it deals damage to opposing Pokémon.

Ability 1 Upgrades at level 7:

Shadow ClawCut
This Dark-type move has the user dash in the designated direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon, and leaving them unable to act for a short time. Also, if this move hits an opposing Pokémon near the endpoint of the dash, the Pokémon will be thrown instead of being left unable to act.
This Normal-type move would have the user dash in the designated direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon. Also, it restores the user’s HP.
CD: 5.5s
Upgrade: Increases the length of time opposing Pokémon are thrown.Upgrade: Increases the amount of HP this move restores.

Ability 2 – Fury Swipes

  • CD: 7.5s

This Normal-type multi-striking move has the user dash in the designated direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon. Furthermore, if this move hits an opposing Pokémon, for a short time, it can be used again.

Ability 2 Upgrades at level 5

Night SlashFeint Attack
For a short time, this move changes the user’s normal movement to dash attacks. After performing a dash attack, the user’s next basic attack changes to a special basic attack. During this move’s effect duration, whenever the user hits opposing Pokémon with other moves or special basic attacks, this move’s effect duration increases and the user is able to use Night Slash again. This move’s effect duration ends if the user moves when it is unable to use Night Slash.

During this move’s effect duration, if the user hits opposing Pokémon with a total of six moves and/or special basic attacks, the user will jump into the air, and then while landing, slash a set area of effect, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon. The user recovers HP if it hits opposing Pokémon with this slashing attack. While jumping, the user is able to use Shadow Claw or Cut to move a set distance.
CD: 6s
This move has the user dash in the designated direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon and reducing all of the user’s move cooldowns. If this move hits opposing Pokémon, for a short time, the location where the dash started is marked, and the user is able to use this move again. If this move is used again, the user dashes back to the marked location, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon. It also leaves a new mark where it started that dash.

As long as there is a mark, if the user uses another move, the mark will move to where the move was used. If the user hits opposing Pokémon four times with either Feint Attack or other moves without interrupting the chain of marking, the next use of Feint Attack changes. If Zoroark uses this changed form of Feint Attack, it leaps at the designated opposing Pokémon and deals damage to it before landing in the designated direction.
CD: 6s.
Upgrade: Reduces this move’s cooldown to 5 seconds.Upgrade: Reduces this move’s cooldown to 5 seconds.

Unite Move – Nightfall Daze

This move has the user release dark shockwaves, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon. Three shockwaves come out, and each one has an increasingly larger area of effect. The user is immune to hindrances, while it is releasing shockwaves.

Best items for Zoroark in Pokémon Unite

Further in this guide, we will discuss the best-held items for Zoroark in Pokémon Unite, as well as its best battle item.

Best Held Items

Item(s)Why it’s useful
Score ShieldHelps Zoroark score goals without being disturbed by the enemy for a while. Especially useful while in the early stages.
Attack WeightThis would increase Zoroark’s Attack every time it’d score a goal.
Razor ClawThe item increases Zoroark’s Critical Hit rate and also would slow down the opponent.

Besides the above-suggested builds, a Dodrio player may also use the following item builds:

  • Float Stone, Focus Band, Attack Weight.
  • Float Stone, Score Shield, Focus Band.
  • Attack Weight, Weakness Policy, Focus Band.
  • Scope Lens, Focus Band, Attack Weight.

Best Battle Items

  • Slow Smoke: Slow Smoke provides extra crowd control for keeping opponents in place for combos. It can also be used defensively, giving you an escape tool when you are being chased down by enemies.
  • Eject Button: Eject Button adds more dash opportunities to Zoroark’s already great dash moveset. The item gives you a quick and easy way to move with Zoroark during fights.

Pokémon Unite Zoroark Gameplay Tips

Our Pokémon Unite Zoroark guide includes the perfect game plan for the early and late games during Unite battles.

Early Game

Firstly, choose Fury Swipes at Lv. 1 since it gives two consecutive dashes if it hits a target. Since your role would be as a speedster, farming should be the priority. Defeat Xatu across the barrier, and then secure the Accelgor and other mid-lane wild pokemon. However, if you have other speedsters or junglers in the squad, go for Slash due to its longer range and lesser cooldown. Use these dash moves to get in and out of goals after a quick dunk.

Also, because most of Zoroark’s moves are dash moves, you can easily jump over obstacles, while your foes are chasing you. It will be easier to leave and escape if you are able to use your environment, particularly barriers, to your advantage. Also, if possible, invade the opposition jungle and steal wild pokemon with the help of Illusion and dash moves.

Pokémon Unite Zoroark Guide early game
Image via The Pokémon Company

Remember that Zoroua (before level 5) is very squishy, hence try to avoid fights and level up as fast as possible. Fully utilise the Illusion ability to deceive nearby opponents and go unnoticed on the map too! At Level 5, either Night Slash or Feint Attack is available, which are very powerful, as compared to the initial move.

Although the feint attack is useful to hit enemies multiple times and has a longer dash range, Night Slash enables in several combos and is very useful against Defenders and All-rounders. Try out this combo early in the game, in Zorua form- Start by activating Fury Swipes to get close and hit the target. Then, use Slash to deal damage and reposition Zoroark. Finish the combo by using Fury Swipes’ second activation and bombarding the target with Standard Attacks.

Late Game

Pokémon Unite Zoroark Guide late game
Image via The Pokémon Company

Later into the game too, use the Illusion ability perfectly to fool your opponents, get close to them and gank them with your dash moves. However, make sure they are alone. Alter between the lanes and help out your teammates if they need help, after clearing the middle jungle. Use the combos associated with Feint Attack or Night Slash perfectly after practising. Don’t forget to reserve your Unite Move for the boss fights, however, use it only if the enemies are there too. Try to reach Level 15 for the best out of Zoroark.

Positioning of Zoroark

For the Ranked or Standard Battle in Theia Sky Ruins, the recommendation would be the Jungle or Middle Lane. However, do switch between lanes once you level up.

Zoroark with other Pokémon

Our Pokémon Unite Zoroark guide would also talk about the relationship between Zoroark and other Pokémon.

Best synergies with Zoroark

These Pokemon would be the perfect synergy for Zoroark, especially in the game later. Although speedsters are actually expected to play solo a lot. However team game is necessary at some point. If so, try to stick together with the Supporters.

SnorlaxSince Zoroark relies on momentum to perform combos, having such a sturdy Pokemon can help protect Zoroark in the heat of battle. Moreover, Snorlax can provide hard crowd control that shuts down targets, allowing Zoroark to execute combos without hassle.
 GengarGengar’s burst moves can weaken opponents, for a perfect Zoroark synergy.
MewRanged attacks can help a melee-type Zoroark during intense battles.

Pokemon which are strong and weak against Zoroark

Pokémon that Zoroark countersPokémon that counters Zoroark
Decidueye Slowbro

Pokémon Unite Zoroark: Tips, tricks and strategies

Our Pokémon Unite Zoroark guide includes the perfect game plan for the early and late games during the Unite battles.

  1. First and foremost, make full utilisation of the Passive Ability.
  2. Remember that Illusion helps take the form of the wild or foe pokemon near it. Use this ability to sometimes get hold of hiding enemies in the bushes.
  3. Isolate your enemies and take on them 1-on-1, especially the attackers and other speedsters. Also, avoid team fights at any cost.
  4. Practice the move combos beforehand, Zoroark is majorly based upon move combos.
  5. With the help of Illusion, stay unnoticed on the Map too.
  6. Also, keep in mind that Zoroark’s gameplay is basically ganking the opposition and scoring quick goals with dash moves and fooling the opponents with illusion.
  7. Lastly, players must avoid using it much in Ranked Matches until they master all of its moves and playing style. They should use offline mode or Standard Battles as their Practice Arena.

Final Thoughts

Zoroark is a lot different from the previous speedster Dodrio. Playing with Zoroark is no joke, and requires immense practice. Do keep the said points in mind and become an expert in Zoroark in no time through rigorous practice. Now the wait for the next Halloween Pokemon Sableye begins, as Zoroark begins to deceive and gank the opponents!

What are your thoughts on our guide on Zoroark in Pokémon Unite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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