Pokémon Unite April 2023 Datamine Leaks reveal new holowear and much more

New leaks have surfaced in the game!

After the latest addition to the roster in the form of Goodra, it is now time for the Pokémon Unite community to turn their attention towards Lapras, the upcoming addition. The 2nd Generation Pokémon is set to be the consecutive defensive addition to the game. As of now, the developers know the date of its arrival to be in April. Since March is in its penultimate stage, let us take a quick peek into what reliable datamine leaker ElChicoeevee has to say about the occurrences in April. In this April 2023 article, we will reveal the datamine leaks for the new holowears and new gameplay mechanism introduced in Pokémon Unite.

Pokemon Unite Datamine leaks: Upcoming holowears

As per many sources including ElChicoeevee, the developers have might be having new holowears coming in the game. The already-in-the-roster all-rounder Azumarill would get a new Easter-style holowear. From its name, it is pretty much clear when it is about to arrive in the game.

Pokémon Unite April 2023 Datamine Leaks Azumarill
Image via The Pokémon Company

The latest arrival would be bringing a new holowear along with it. Lapras would release with a combined Circus-style holowear, as per the leaks. Most probably, the Lapras skin would be exchangeable for Aeos Gems, whereas, there’s a slight chance, Azumarill skin would be coming in an event.

Pokémon Unite: New mechanism

ElChicoeevee has also hinted towards a new mechanism that might just be coming to the game. Besides many other things, there is a possibility that battle videos, or maybe, perhaps Battle Highlights or Replay maybe soon be made available in the game, according to one of his latest tweets. Also, two events were also proposed in that leak, which might be coming to the game in near future.

Also, though previously also said, it is now looking even closer towards the arrival of Leafeon to the game. Following Lapras, Chandelure, and Umbreon, the Grass-type would be joining the roster by the end of May or June, as per rumours. Rest assured, the developers would know whenever the update about Leafeon arrives.

What are your thoughts on the Pokémon Unite April 2023 Datamine Leaks? Let us know in the comments below.

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