Pokémon Unite datamine leaks reveal a new game mode codenamed ‘Catchmode’

Lot of leaks surround the introduction of the new game mode!

Over the past few months, dataminers have gone all out on discovering new and unreleased content in Pokémon Unite, this has only added to curiosity and excitement for fans across the world. Now, to add on to it, prominent dataminer @ElChicoEevee has uncovered a lot of unreleased content in the upcoming updates, with files that include skills for the wild Pokémon and a new game mode in Pokémon Unite, which has been codenamed ‘Catchmode’.

Pokémon Unite leaks reveal unreleased content from the game

ElChicoEevee has managed to get his hands on some unreleased content from the new update, this includes a new game mode, the next two Pokemon namely Espeon and Delphox, and also files that suggest that somehow all these wild Pokémon would become playable.

This claim by the data miner was backed by other prominent leakers in the community, who now suggest that Pokémon Unite is ready to introduce a new game mode, which has been codenamed Catchmode where all wild Pokémon will be capturable and playable. This includes rare and legendary Pokémon like Zapdos, Articuno, and Regigigas.

Another leaker @sobbleunitedtm has been uploading gameplay videos of all the playable wild Pokémon. The videos uploaded by him include Avalugg, Electrode, Articuno, Araquanid, Regigigas, Zapdos, Drednaw, Ludicolo, and Tauros. From the videos, it is clear that these wild Pokémon have only two abilities and they cannot learn new abilities even if they level up, the videos also show that these wild Pokémon have scoring animations, but don’t have Unite moves. 

Catchmode is rumored to be played in the Mer stadium

ElChicoEevee has also revealed that the new game mode will be playable in the quick-match map Mer stadium, even when wild Pokémon come from all the maps. The leaker has also speculated about the way the new game mode might work. But, there is no credible information on how the mode works, but it might work in a way, where players will become any wild Pokémon that they get the last hit on.

If this is the case, then the roster of the game is simply doubled making every match extremely unpredictable and smooth. With so many Pokémon available to many, it is safe to assume that this mode will never become boring. 

It is also worth noting that quick matches now will be more strategic, even though they take place on smaller maps for smaller durations, as the new game mode will push players to have fun and expect the unexpected.

What are your thoughts about the leaks of a new game mode in Pokémon Unite? Let us know in the comments below!

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