Pokémon Unite datamine leaks movesets of Buzzwole, the latest all-rounder

Newest leaks have arrived in the Pokémon MOBA title!

Datamine leaks from the trusted dataminer, ElChicoEevee had earlier revealed that a new all-rounder named Buzzwole will soon be released for players to use in-game. Now, along with Glaceon, dataminers have leaked the movesets of Buzzwole, and they are on their way to making the roster in Pokémon Unite. Both the attacker-type Glaceon Pokèmon movesets have also been revealed. Therefore, without much further ado, let us check out more details about the datamine leaks.

Pokémon Unite: Leaked Movesets of Buzzwole and Glaceon

Buzzwole was first introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon As the Ultra Beast, a group of legendary Pokemon that descend from an alternate dimension destroyed by Necrozma. The range of moves provided by ElChicoEevee claims that Buzzwole will be a physical-type attacker designed with different moves that sure do pack a punch against opposing Pokémon.

Pokémon Unite dataminers Buzzwole leaked
Image via The Pokémon Company

It is also noted that  Buzzwole will also have a muscular scale running in some of its movesets. This physical physique possessed by this Pokémon greatly matches his skillsets. The datamine leaks reveal that Buzzwole is getting a passive titled Beast Boost which greatly buffs him each and every time when he engages in combat with opposing Pokèmon.

Another type of buff granted by his passive is the movement speed and Basic Attack boost, which he gains whenever knockouts or assists are achieved in knocking out enemy Pokémon. This and many other unique skill sets which are possessed greatly enhance his performance as an all-rounder type Pokémon. The datamine also leaks out the passive and other skill-sets possessed by the upcoming Pokémon ‘Glaceon’ that has been leaked to be in the works, since last month.

Final Thoughts

The upcoming all-rounder Buzzwole with the unique movesets possessed by the Pokémon will add a much more intriguing gaming experience for Pokémon Unite players, as he is quite sturdy and powerful. The confirmation of Glaceon will also mean players should be expecting other Eeveelutions to be released later in the game.

Hence, players should try to study and learn these movesets, so as to have more knowledge about the Pokèmon, before it releases as their movesets are indeed intriguing. Finally, Pokémon Unite players are in for a thrilling and wonderful experience in-game as they anticipate the release of some of their favourite Pokémon characters.

What are your thoughts on the movesets of Buzzwole leaked by dataminers of Pokémon UNITE? Let us know in the comment section below!

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