Pokémon Unite: Hoopa is getting a hotfix patch very soon

Bugs will remain till the next update!

Hoopa is one of the many characters that can be played in Pokémon Unite. Hoopa was recently released a few days ago and as soon as Hoopa was released, people began to realize that Hoopas abilities are overloaded with power. And to balance the situation, Pokémon Unite will be releasing a hotfix patch for the Hoopa bugs in the upcoming update.

Hoopa Pokemon Unite stats
Hoopa Pokemon Unite stats

Unlike other Pokémon, Hoopa has the ability to teleport teammates in between goals instantly and to teleport them back to base for a few seconds and instantly returning which fully heals the Pokémon in an instant. It wasn’t long after the character’s release that people realized this character’s mechanics were both incredibly unique and difficult to learn, with an incredibly high skill cap.

With a unique move set comes multiple bugs

As Hoopa’s move set is so unique there have been multiple bugs with the character, especially with the move “Hyperspace Hole”. Luckily, The Pokemon Company is currently working on a hotfix patch to fix the following bugs:

  • Hoopa teleporting to the opponent’s ring if Hoopa on both teams simultaneously use their Unite move.
  • Hoopa able to teleport Pokémon while that Pokémon is under a movement restricting effect.
  • Opponents being teleported to your base when they are hit by certain moves at the same time the Pokémon dealing the attack is teleported to base by Hoopa.
  • Players teleporting with opponents when certain moves are used at the same time the opponent is teleporting.

This update will not occur until March 11th, until this update is out, Hoopa’s bugs will remain in the game. Hopefully, this patch will be paired with other content such as new buffs, nerfs, or the release of the newly revealed Duraludon.

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