Duraludon is joining Pokémon Unite as the next playable Pokémon

Yet another Pokemon announced to arrive soon!

With TsareenaDragoniteTrevenenant, and Aegislash released, Pokemon Unite gave away Hoopa for free on the occasion of the Pokemon Day celebration. Throughout the last few days, Pokemon Unite has been hinting at new additions as Hoopa was just added as the ranged supporter. And according to the roadmap, the new and the only remaining Pokemon was going to be an attacker and it was announced today that the new Pokemon joining the fleet was going to be Duraludon. He is a Pokemon that is famous for special attacks in the main game. But there are speculations among fans about Duraludon might make his entry into Pokemon Unite as a defender.

Today, on the occasion of completing 26 years since launch during the Pokemon Presents news show, President and CEO, Tsunekazu Ishihara made thanked the Pokemon fans across the world for their love and support. Further in the news show, Chief Operating Officer, Takato Utsunomiya announced a series of updates for all Pokemon titles including Pokemon Unite, which included this news.

Duraludon in Pokemon Unite: Character Overview

Analyzing Duraludon’s ability and build it is easy to guess that this Pokemon is a ranged attacker or a special attacker. Duraludon is made up of a metal that is light in weight but strong in nature this gives the Pokemon high levels of agility and it also grows very tall.

Pokemon Unite Duraludon
Image via The Pokemon Company

Duraludon has ranged moves like flash cannon, dragon pulse, Draco meteor, steel beam, thunderbolt, and access to stealth rock. This pokemon also learns laser focus through leveling up. Along with these, the Pokemon also has the ability to transform into a gigantamax through the Duraludon G-max move.

Also, there is another G-Max depletion move that reduces the times an opponent can use a certain move, this could pave Duraludon as an ability to put the opponent’s power in a short cooldown.

However, on the contrary, there are speculations among fans about Duraludon being the next defender as well because of its heavy size and stats that match previous defenders like Blastoise and Mamo as some fans think Duraludon will make an impressive defender.

But fans on the other side say that the roadmap has to announce an attacker, combined with Duraludon’s agility and moves like the laser focus which deals high levels of damage, Duraludon is going to be a ranged attacker.

As no official statement has been made about Duraludon’s role in Pokemon Unite as of now, users will have to wait for more information about the role and the game. Meanwhile, you can keep an eye on the official website or follow the official social media handles to get the updates when they release.

Duraludon release date in Pokemon Unite

The Pokemon will be available in the shop from March 14, 2022. Interested players can purchase it with Aoes coins from March 14 onwards. However, the price is not yet revealed.

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