Pokémon Unite set to release for mobile devices in September 2021

Arriving on Switch next month

Huge news for Pokémon and mobile gaming enthusiasts around the globe today as the release date for Pokémon Unite for mobile and switch was confirmed in a YouTube video uploaded by the official Pokémon Unite YouTube channel. While the exact release date wasn’t mentioned, Pokémon Unite is expected to launch on mobile devices in September 2021, two months after the Switch release.

A new arena for the Pokémon fans

Unlike previous Pokémon games, Pokémon Unite is a multiplayer online battle royale, or MOBA for short, video game. The game bears a slight resemblance to other popular MOBA titles such as Dota 2 and League of Legends but set in the Pokémon universe.

Pokemon unite
Pokemon Unite gameplay

The MOBA genre is a first for the Pokémon franchise and thus fans have much reason to be excited for this upcoming title. Traditionally MOBA games have garnered a reputation for being addictive and sucking in users, making them spend tens and thousands of hours into the game and Pokémon Unite should be no different.

A long-awaited treat for the MOBA lovers

Pokémon Unite was initially announced in June 2020 at a Pokémon Presents presentation and had a regional beta testing in February this year. Like other popular MOBA titles, each game will consist of two teams of five players each. The map is split into two different parts of equal size with different points known as “control points” spread around the map.

The main objective of every match is for players to capture wild Pokémon and move it to various control points. In doing so, players will score “goals”. Unlike other MOBA titles such as Dota 2, every match in Pokémon Unite has a time limit and the team with the highest score at the end of it will win the match.

While Pokémon Unite isn’t the first Pokémon title to release for mobile, it certainly is a sign that the series is cementing itself as an important title for not only Nintendo devices but for smartphone devices as well.

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