Project: EOE is NetEase’s new open-world post-apocalyptic survival shooter available in Canada on early access

Survive the apocalypse and build a new era of mankind in the new survival shooter game

Project: EOE, a new sandbox survival game developed by one of the world’s leading game developing companies NetEase is now on early access in Canada. According to the official Facebook page of the game, the technical test of Project EOE will only be available in Canada from October 28 to 31.

The fans of Project: EOE, known as the Beyonders, can ask questions and give feedback after playing the game on the official Facebook page of the game. This will not be the final version of the game, after the technical test of the game will be successfully over Project: EOE will be launched worldwide. Not much is revealed about the feature of the game.

Dive into a post-apocalyptic world

A mysterious silver door opened, bringing a catastrophe into this world and the whole human civilization have fallen in the invasion of Stardust pollution and abnormal form. Humans have been struggling to survive for 40 years and you are one of the survivors in the wilderness.

Project: EOE early access
Project: EOE on Google Play Store

Players have to fight against the teratogens and dangerous creatures to survive and establish a new civilized society of mankind. They also need to explore the mysteries of destruction and evolution.

How to plat Project EOE technical test

The players of this game need to have the following requirements to participate in the technical testing of the game:

  • Test platform: Android
  • Device models: Snapdragon 845 or higher
  • Package: 8G

The technical test will start at 11:00 (GMT-4) on October 28 and will end at 7:00 (GMT-4) on October 31. The developers have also shared links on Facebook where players can share their suggestions about the game. 

The game will only be available for Android users and iOS users will have to wait to download the game for the time being. Android users living in Canada and can download Project: EOE from Google Play Store.

Are you excited about the early access release of Project: EOE? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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