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PUBG Mobile has loosened up the tier restrictions for ranked matches for a limited time

Play with your friends without any tier restrictions!

Earlier with the 1.8 update, PUBG Mobile introduced tier restriction. Ranked and Unranked modes were separated, and team range restrictions were added to the ranked Classic Mode to improve competition in the game. This created a lot of chaos amongst players. Some complained that they could not play the game with their friends anymore. After several requests, PUBG Mobile has loosened the tier restrictions for a limited time in classic ranked matches.

Krafton finally announced to loosen up tier restrictions after various requests from players worldwide

When the tier restrictions were first imposed during the 1.8 updates, several players questioned its working and what it would do. The development team announced that tier restrictions are a way to improve the gaming experience and build a fair environment for every player. 

Krafton believes that the tier restrictions will enable players to play with and against players who possess the same skills and abilities. The tier restrictions were only applicable for Ranked Classic Mode, and Unranked Classic Mode still allowed players to team up with anyone from any tier. But, players worldwide were still not happy as according to them, teaming up with their friends in Ranked Classic Mode, even when they are in different tiers had its benefits.

PUBG Mobile tier restrictions
Image via KRAFTON

After reviewing several discussions and requests from players, PUBG Mobile has finally decided to loosen up the tier restrictions for a limited time. This will let players team up with anyone they want in Ranked Classic Mode without any restrictions. Players will now be able to team up with other tier players from April 29 to May 18. There will be no tier restrictions and players can team up between Bronze to Platinum and Gold to Conqueror

The decision has been warmly welcomed by the community. Although some players are demanding that the restrictions be lifted forever, it doesn’t seem like Krafton has that in mind. Users can stay updated about all the information by visiting the official PUBG Mobile website or following the social media handles.

What are your thoughts as tier restrictions are loosened by PUBG Mobile? Let us know in the comments section below.

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