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PUBG Mobile introduces the Fog of War anti-cheat system in the game

A world first for mobile gaming!

The Fog of War anti-cheat technology, the most recent in security measures created by PUBG Mobile to successfully battle cheaters using x-ray vision, often known as wall hacks, has been officially released. Fog of War is the first mobile game to use this cutting-edge anti-cheat technology.

The technology has already been reducing cheating in battle royale battles, with a reduction of over 50% during its testing period. PUBG Mobile will keep improving the system as it eventually becomes live in order to deter undesirable cheaters.

Fog of War counters players using x-ray vision cheats

Fog of War is an innovative anti-cheat technique that is the first of its type in mobile gaming. It restricts the game information a player receives, making it harder for them to see players outside of their field of view or through walls and other obstacles.

The Fog of War algorithm first scans every structure and piece of land on the expansive landscapes of PUBG Mobile. The system then cleverly calculates what the gamer is meant to be able to see using internal computations. Finally, the server only relays that exact information back to the player. This will prevent x-ray vision cheaters by preventing the transmission of non-visible information.

Prior to its full release, Fog of War was tested and improved on a few select maps in a restricted capacity. Over 50% fewer complaints of x-ray vision cheats were made during the limited introduction of the Fog of War anti-cheat technology, and in some crucial areas, the report rate dropped as much as 62%.

PUBG Mobile takes a strong step to ensure fair gameplay

The only mobile game in the world to deploy this kind of security precaution on such expansive, open battlefields is PUBG Mobile, and the system is constantly expanding. From this point forward, the Fog of War anti-cheat system will be gradually implemented across all of PUBG Mobile’s game modes as data is gathered to help the technology advance so that everyone may take part in a fair and balanced battle.

The use of unfair and deceptive technology by players is entirely unacceptable in PUBG Mobile, and this is another step in the right direction. The safety, enjoyment, and fairness of the gaming experience for players are the most essential things to PUBG Mobile.

What are your thoughts about the new Fog of War anti-cheat system by PUBG Mobile? Let us know in the comments below.

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