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PUBG Mobile or BGMI C2S6 M11 RP Leaks: Royal Pass and Skins

Exclusive skins and outfits are coming soon in the game!

PUBG Mobile or BGMI is going to introduce the 1st Royal Pass of the 2.0 version update, the Royal Pass of the C2S6 season, where M11 is the latest installment that the players will see. The official name of the M11 RP is Hidden Hunters.

This new system provides players with double the rewards which they used to get in the older system. The upcoming RP that is M11 is no exception, either as the developers are back with more exciting and cool skins and rewards.

PUBG Mobile or BGMI C2S6 M11 RP Leaks: New Outfits

At the 1st RP rank of the M11 royal pass, a player will get the Ultimate Trendsetter Set. It is not anything out of the box but doesn’t look pretty bad either.

 PUBG Mobile BGMI C2S6 M11
Ultimate Trendsetter Set and Electrotech SCAR-L (Image via Classified YT)

Players will also get a SCAR-L finish named Electrotech-SCAR-L. Players will also get a mask and headgear

with the RP1 outfit

Ultimate Trendsetter headgear and mask(Image via Classified YT)*
Ultimate Trendsetter helmet (Image via Classified YT)

RP10 provides the players with the Ultimate Trendsetter helmet which looks good. It is a very good match with the RP50 outfit which the players will get later on in the game. The high-definition picture of the helmet is not available as of now. We will update the article once we get a better-quality picture.

Lunar Spear ornament (Image via Classified YT)

At RP15, players will get the avatar of the outfit they will get at RP50, they will also get a very good-looking ornament named the Lunar Spear ornament. It is a white-colored miniature hat with a small spear. This can be used as an accessory on backpacks.

At RP rank 20, players will get a good-looking molotov cocktail finish named Sinisflame molotov cocktail. It is a cool-looking molotov cocktail skin with a little purple-colored devil face painted on it.

PUBG Mobile/BGMI C2S6 M11 RP Leaks: New Skins

At RP level 30, players will get an airplane finish named the Crimson Emblem plane finish. It is a very good-looking airplane skin. Players will also get a mythic in-game emote in this RP rank. Though, the name of the mythic emote is not revealed yet. It will be themed on the 50 RP outfit.

PUBG Mobile BGMI C2S6 M11
Crimson Emblem plane finish (Image via Classified YT)

At the free RP level of 35, every player who reached the 35th rank of the M11 Royal Pass will get a legendary UZI submachine gun skin named Fruit Fest – UZI. It is a great skin for every UZI user.

(Image via Classified YT)

An M16A4 skin will be available in the 40th rank of the M11 Royal Pass. The name of the skin is Biotech M16A4. We will update the article once we get more details. This M16A4 skin is one of the best skins available in the game with brilliant textures. Long-ranger players will surely like this finish.

Biotech M16A4 (Image via Classified YT)

Finally, at RP50, players will get two mythic outfits to select from. One of them is Purity Defender Set, whose avatar icon will be provided to the players at RP30 rank. Another one is Elegant Finesse Set. These outfits are two of the best RP 50 rank outfits among all eleven monthly Royal Passes.

Purity Defender Set (Image via Classified YT)
Elegant Finesse Set (Image via Classified YT)

Besides, the rewards for those who buy the Royale Pass, there will also be the usual rewards for those who don’t. It includes silver, crate coupons, a free emote, an outfit, and a gun skin among other things. Players will have to claim this via ranking up in the Royal Pass by RP points, which can be achieved by completing weekly RP missions. Don’t forget to complete the missions.


PUBG Mobile or BGMI is coming in with everything for their RP rewards. Only time will tell if the players will like it when they get released through reviews and reactions. But as of now, they are looking good enough.

What are your thoughts on the PUBG Mobile/ BGMI C2S6 M11 RP Leaks? Let us know in the comments below.

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