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PUBG Mobile or BGMI could be getting Extreme HDR graphics in its future updates

The update is already confirmed to be arriving in Game for Peace!

Fans of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and PUBG Mobile have much to look forward to as the games are set to receive a significant upgrade that will introduce PC-level graphics and a new gameplay mode. These updates have been officially scheduled for Game for Peace, the Chinese localized version of PUBG Mobile. As per leaked footage from beta testing and player response, the update will enhance the visual fidelity with the introduction of Extreme HDR graphics setting and expand the gameplay dynamics with new modes, marking a significant evolution in the PUBG Mobile experience.

Please note that as of now, these updates are confirmed exclusively for Game for Peace. There is no official confirmation on whether these enhancements will be made available for the global version of PUBG Mobile and BGMI.

Game for Peace is bringing Miramar 3.0 map along with the Extreme HDR graphics

Extreme HDR Graphics unlocked

The forthcoming graphics update will finally unlock the ‘Extreme HDR‘ which has remained locked across all devices since the game’s release. It seems likely the developers have finally finished testing the optimization of this highly demanding setting that aims to bring unprecedented detail and realism to the game.

Extreme HDR graphics in PUBG Mobile
Image via ShubhGamerz

This update has been highly anticipated, with promises to elevate the visual experience to match that of PC gaming standards. Such enhancements will not only improve the aesthetic appeal but also the overall immersion, making every battle more intense and visually captivating.

Introducing Battlefield Mode

In addition to the graphics overhaul, a new Battlefield-like mode is on the horizon for both BGMI and PUBG Mobile. This mode is expected to introduce large-scale combat scenarios reminiscent of traditional battlefield games, complete with tanks, jets, and boats.

New Battlefield themed mode in PUBG Mobile
Image via ShubhGamerz

This significant expansion in gameplay variety is aimed at offering players new strategies and more dynamic combat situations, likely increasing the games’ appeal and replay value.

Miramar 3.0 Map

Miramar 3.0 PUBG Mobile
Image via ShubhGamerz

Moreover, Miramar 3.0 is also set to debut, featuring extensive updates to one of the game’s most iconic maps. The revised Miramar will include new areas inspired by diverse landscapes, providing fresh challenges and strategic opportunities for players. This map revamp is part of the ongoing efforts to keep the game environments engaging and competitively balanced.

Final Thoughts

As these updates are rolled out, players can expect a transformed gaming experience that not only enhances visual engagement but also introduces new layers of strategic gameplay. The integration of advanced graphics and new modes signifies the developers’ commitment to keeping BGMI and PUBGM at the cutting edge of mobile gaming technology.

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