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PUBG Mobile or BGMI: ‘Reload while Scope’ feature to arrive in near future

An interesting feature finally coming to the game

PUBG Mobile or BGMI developers have often reached out to its players by Dev Talk social event to share new features or any updates that may come in the future. In Part 2 of the Dev Talk social event, PUBGM’s developers shared a lot about what may come in the future including Clan Battle Mode, the Cheer Park. The developers have answered players’ astute questions about security, gameplay, etc. While most of the changes are expected, the developers surprised the players by sharing a piece of information regarding the “Reload while scope” feature in both PUBG Mobile and BGMI.

PUBG Mobile or BGMI: Confirmation of ‘Reload while scope’ feature

“This is a very interesting feature, and we will addit in an upcoming version”

PUBG Mobile Dev team

Game for Peace, a Chinese version of PUBG Mobile, has this feature already included. But, the other versions have still not integrated it. Finally, the developers confirmed that it will be available in the other versions of PUBG Mobile in upcoming updates. This feature will bring moderate help for the players.

Impacts of ‘reload while scope’ feature on the Gameplay

Players often use the red dot or holographic sight or even the canted sight, while fighting an enemy at a distance like 30-70 meters. Movement becomes slow when a players’ scope is on.  Thus, a player who is using the “Reload while scope” feature, it couldn’t take down an enemy using the bullets in a magazine, will surely go for the reload button. This makes him a sitting duck for the enemy.

At the same time, there are advantages as well. Players can now track enemies while reloading. Although, there is less probability of implementing a dedicated reload button for “Reload while scope”.

PUBG Mobile BGMI Reload while Scope
Image via Krafton

In PUBG Mobile, bolt-action sniper rifles do not use automatic cartridge case ejection. Therefore, after every shot, the avatar closes the scope and reverses the bolt to put another bullet to fire. It would be useful if the game let the players do this, without scoping out.

However, these are just predictions regarding the upcoming features coming in PUBG Mobile or BGMI. It’ll be interesting to watch how players are taking advantage of it. Moreover, we’ll also see the acceptance of it when it arrives.

Are you excited about this “Relode while Scope” Feature in PUBG mobile? Will this feature be helpful for you? Share your thoughts by commenting below

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