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PUBG Mobile or BGMI Cheer Park will get a major update for new and exciting features

Aren’t getting enough fun? Here are more upcoming features

PUBG Mobile or BGMI developers often reached to its players by Dev Talk social event to share new features or any updates that may come in the future. In part 2 of the Dev Talk social event, the PUBG Mobile developers shared a lot about what may come in the future including Clan Battle Mode, the Cheer Park update, etc and the developers answered players’ astute questions about security, gameplay, etc.

PUBG Mobile Cheer Park will add training content, interactive modes, and more in the future update

Cheer Park is a place that encourages players to relieve their stress, train, and have fun at the same time. So, the developers are thinking to add more items to it to provide more relaxing gameplay. “We take the Cheer Park feature very seriously and hope players can have a place to relax, develop their friendships with other players, train their skills, among other things”, said the developers.

As a result, we may see new fun features, training content in Cheer Park. Race tracks, shooting ranges, 1v1 competitive matches, etc. are on top of the list. Besides, there’s a plan to add more modes though it’s still unknown what type of modes they will be.

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One of the common problems players often face in Cheer Park is that other players interrupt while another is shooting or practicing. Annoying players detonate vehicles to create noise and thus, others feel disturbed. Developers are thinking of a solution for a long time to take preventive measures. In the upcoming versions of PUBG Mobile or BGMI, we may get useful updates.

PUBG Mobile, from its release, is trying heart and soul to provide a quality experience in it. As per the requirements of the players, we’ll see some major changes in the future. Whether it is Cheer Park or Ranked matches or anything else, if players face any problems, the developers will be always there.

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