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PUBG Mobile revamps its anti-cheating system with the Ban Pan 2.0

Here’s everything you need to know about Ban Pan 2.0!

Since the game’s launch, PUBG Mobile has been working tirelessly to combat and crackdown on cheaters to provide a safe and fair environment for all players in the game. Last year, the game introduced an upgraded and efficient system to reduce the number of cheaters called Ban Pan. The PUBG Mobile development team is now introducing an enhanced and futuristic version of the same anti-cheating system called Ban Pan 2.0. 

PUBG Mobile Ban Pan 2.0 system: Everything you need to know

Last year’s Ban Pan system minimizes the loopholes that could cause a breath and helps cheaters exploit new updates introduced to the game. In the last 1.8 updates, PUBG Mobile finally introduced the long-requested Device Ban feature, which would ban users’ devices resulting in not being able to log in from that device anymore.

Now, PUBG Mobile is taking yet another huge step by upgrading the Ban Pan system to Ban Pan 2.0 with strong and futuristic measures that will prevent hackers from cheating in the game and provide a fair environment for everyone.

PUBG Mobile Ban pan system
Image via Krafton

In May 2022 update, the upcoming Ban Pan 2.0 system will be officially available for everyone. The 2.0 upgrade version consists of many cutting-edge security features that will curb hacking in the game. These features are better, faster, and more user-friendly than ever. Here are some of the key features of Ban Pan 2.0 :

1. Fog of War: Anti-Cheat System

Fog of War Anti-cheat system mainly focuses on combating X-Ray vision by directly cutting them off the source. The system works in a way where any third-party hacking system will not be able to get any data sent to devices. Now the system will locally send visible data for a player to cut down any interference by hackers. This system will work even if players use cheating software because the data being sent to a player is only the data in his visible range; even if the player uses a cheating software, he won’t get other players’ positions. 

The system comes with a high accuracy rate as it has been under testing and development for some time. This reduces any errors and loopholes in the design, enhances its performance, and does not threaten actual gameplay. Ban Pan 2.0 will integrate the Fog of War Anti-Cheat system into classic mode gradually after its release. 

2. Improve Ban Pan System AI

The improved Ban Pan AI will now be able to automotive review suspicious player behavior. This has been made a loss by integrating new machine learning modules. The new and improved AI will be able to impose suitable penalties on players with suspicious behavior automatically.

Ban Pan System 2.0
Image via Krafton

Once the new AI finds a suspicious player, the AI will first isolate the players to reduce the damage to other players. Then an investigation will be conducted, and based on the investigation findings, and alleged players will be given penalties.

3. Eagle Review System

For suspicious match reviews, now a new system, Eagle Review will be introduced. In this new system, Senior Investigators will review suspicious players’ gameplay in real-time, impose accurate penalties, and make the right decisions to create a fair gaming environment.

4. Improved UI for Reporting Players

Ban Pan 2.0 is now easier than ever to report cheaters. With the new and improved UI, the feedback from the team will be faster and more accurate to deliver the best gaming experience for everyone. With these new features, PUBG Mobile aims to build a safe and fair environment for everyone and encourage good sportsmanship in the gaming community.

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