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PUBG Mobile reveals Arctic Wolf as its newest companion

Go on an adventure with your own wolf partner!

PUBG Mobile has announced the arrival of the newest companion in the game today, the Arctic Wolf. This is a new addition to PUBG Mobile’s already existing collection of an extensive number of companions including Godzilla, Kong, cats, birds, dogs, and even penguins. Here in this article, we will talk about the new companion and how one can acquire it in the game.

PUBG Mobile Arctic Wolf companion: Overview

After getting several domesticated animals into the game as part of the companion feature in the game, PUBG Mobile has now introduced one of the companions for winter. The previous updates saw the arrival of several regular animals arrive as companions, besides other companions, which came as part of the various collaborations that PUBG Mobile has done over the course of time. Some of them include the likes of Godzilla, Kong, Boo-buddy, etc.

The Arctic Wolf, as its name suggests is a wolf the color of snow, who will tag along with your character all throughout the battlefield, and will be there to provide you company, even when there is no one. Although it looks gorgeous and vibrant by side, one should keep in mind that having a companion by side does not come with any added advantages and will just exist purely for cosmetic purposes.

How to get the Arctic Wolf in PUBG Mobile

To get the Arctic Wolf, one has to follow the given steps:

  • Ensure that your PUBG Mobile account has at least 30 UC in balance to spend.
  • Go to the events and offers tab on the top right-hand side of the lobby.
  • One will find the tab which reads Arctic Wolf.
  • The players have to choose whether they want to make a single draw costing 30 UC or a pack of 10 costing a total of 270 UC.
  • Once players buy a draw, they will randomly get an item from the ones available in the draw, with the ultimate prize being the Arctic Wolf companion.

Players should always remember that it is a lucky draw and that there is no guarantee of getting the desired item, as all the results are randomized and maybe luck is not favoring the person. Also, there is no way to earn UC without paying money for it, so one should stay away from third-party sites, which promise UC for free.

Final Thoughts

The Arctic Wolf companion is surely a magnificent-looking and well-designed cosmetic feature. It is understandable why so many players are so eager to win in the lucky draw. But the qualms of the free-to-play players remain, due to the lack of free gifts from PUBG Mobile to those players, who have been associated with the game for a long time, despite not making purchases.

Do you like the Arctic Wolf companion in PUBG Mobile? Will you be getting it? Let us know in the comments below!

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