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PUBG Mobile Season 9: Everything you need to know

With the Season 8 of PUBG Mobile about to end the devs have officially announced the release date for Season 9 in a tweet. As per the tweet, the next PUBG Mobile Season 9 will commence from September 13th, 2019 including Season 9 challenges, Royale Pass and more.

Thanks to various leaks online and data mining, we know that the next season will have a new theme inspired by ancient Japanese Samurais and Ninjas. Based on the video posted by the YouTuber Mr Ghost Gaming the Season 9 theme will be called ‘Warriors Unite’. The battle pass will include a set of new clothing, skins, emotes, and other rewards.

What are the new items that will arrive with the PUBG Mobile Season 9 update?

The exclusive Royale Pass sets and skins that we will get for PUBG Mobile Season 9 are The Observer Set, Infected Grizzly M249, The Observer Cover, Infected Grizzly Dacia, Draconian Champion set and weapons. In addition, there may be new avatar frames coming in the upcoming update. Besides we will get new parachute, backpack, helmets, and other skins. There will probably be new emotes coming as well.

pubg mobile season 9

PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update

We expect that the new 0.15.0 update for PUBG Mobile will bring in the ability to use helicopters. After 0.14.0 update we have seen grounded helicopters in certain places on almost all maps, but one cannot fly them as of yet. According to Mr. Ghost Gaming, the next update will allow you to fly around with your squad. The YouTuber has posted a video showcasing the gameplay on the Chinese version of the game.

Probably, the ability to fly helicopters will be available in a special Heavy Weapons mode. This mode was reported to include weapons like rocket launchers, grenade launchers and RPGs. As of now, it is not yet confirmed if the ability to use helicopters will come to the Classic mode, though it can be added as a new Arcade mode. However, once the official update releases only then we can confirm if these extra features are arriving or not.

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