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PUBG Mobile Spooky update 2020 is here with new Halloweeks mode and themed outfits

A chilling Halloween update on the cards!

Halloween is here and Tencent isn’t gonna back off from cashing on this event. PUBG Mobile, with the introduction of Halloweeks Mode, a new themed gameplay mode on the classic Erangel map, has buzzed the spooky update 2020. You can experience this while you the game. In addition to the game type, POWER4 arrives for its debut track in the game. You can also add some themed outfits to your collection of this rock and roll band. So, with these as the main highlights, let us drop into more news!

About PUBG Mobile Spooky update 2020

Infection mode to kickoff from Oct 23

For fans, the PVP mode called Infection Mode will be back this Halloween. The mode is played by 12 players, 3 zombies, and 9 defenders. The match goes for a total of 3 rounds. The zombies can infect the defenders, thus can knock them out. On the other hand, defenders are provided with powerful guns M416 and AKM that damages and slows down the zombies. If even one Defender survives, their team earns the Chicken Dinner. It will begin on October 23 and will end on November 9.

PUBG Mobile Spooky update 2020

Halloweeks Mode in Erangel

Players can experience a scary and spooky Halloween atmosphere when they play in the Erangel map. In this mode, Zombie Camps appear at four fixed locations around the map. There you face wandering zombies and also some valuable crates. Your task to eliminate these zombies and earn those corresponding crates, providing teams with valuable resources. Similarly, four new Roaming Bosses have the chance of appearing at Zombie Camps, which are tough to beat down. By approaching players and punching players within melee range, they will increase their energy. Defeating Roaming Bosses will also get essential battle supplies.

Also added comes the Night Mode, which is random in game.

POWER4 introduced as a virtual rock band in PUBG Mobile

The Spooky update 2020 also introduces PUBG Mobile’s virtual rock band, POWER4. They will debut their first track “Nothing’s Getting In Our Way” in the game.

Players can also get the POWER4 outfits with mental rock cool style, which matches the action-packed battle style of PUBG MOBILE. More Halloween exclusive themed outfits are available to be added to your collection.

More exciting features in the update!

Not only the mentioned events above, but players can also experience the festive exclusive gameplay in Cheer Park Training Ground, which is among PUBG Mobile’s latest Halloweeks update content. New skins include Halloween Vehicle Upgrades and one themed skin for the AKM called ‘Hellfire’ and special Halloween outfits, some of which can be acquired through Haloween events. 

Enjoy the exciting gameplay, get yourself an all-new festive costume, and celebrate Halloween in PUBG Mobile! Trick or treat!

What are your opinions on the new PUBG Mobile Spooky Update 2020? Do let us know in the comments below!

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