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PUBG Mobile Tactical Drill event: Here’s how to get Alien Technology SCAR-L skin for free

Complete simple missions to get the cool gun skin!

PUBG Mobile has often brought new events for its players. These events come with exciting gifts like a parachute, backpack, gun skins, etc. Players need to complete some easy missions to reach the rewards. One of the ongoing events in PUBG Mobile is the Tactical Drill Event from where players can collect a free Alien Technology SCAR-L skin. The event is so simple that anyone can easily complete the requirements and get lucrative rewards.

The current recall event is giving a gun skin named Alien Technology SCAR-L skin. The event started on the 29th of September, 2021, and will run till the 3rd of November, 2021. The good news is that players can claim the skin in six days or less if played intelligently. Here’s how to claim the rewards such as Alien Technology SCAR-L skin in the PUBG Mobile Tactical Drill Event.

PUBG Mobile Tactical Drill event: Rules

To participate in this event, one must go to the event page, then click “Recommended”. Therefore, one must click on Tactical Drill to enter the event page. There are some rules regarding the event. The event rules are as follows:

  • Only one item can be activated at a time. Once players select one item, they cannot change it for the next 72 hours.
  • If the item selection is discarded, tactical points will be set to 0 and must be accumulated again.
  • Each item starts with 9 tactical points. 3 of which are deducted each day. This means the point counter will be 0, after 3 days or 72 hours for not logging into the game.
  • When starting the event, players will receive 9 Tactical points at the beginning and one daily login point. So, players get a total of 10 points on the very first day.

The progress counter shows the number of days left to complete the necessary points.

Missions to complete

By completing daily missions, players will earn the “Tactical Points” that can be used to redeem the item they selected. Four daily missions will reset every day, and 1 weekly mission will reset weekly. Players do need to complete each day’s missions complete the required Tactical Points to get the item.

PUBG Mobile Tactical Drill event Alien Technology Scar-L
PUBG Mobile Tactical Drill event: Missions

There is no redeem system like the other events. Rather, players will directly receive the item they selected when they’ll be able to collect enough Tactical points. The progress bar will be set to 0 and players will be again able to select another item. If any player has fewer points and the event ends, then the player will receive Time-limited items. More points will result in a longer duration.

Some of the daily missions and a weekly mission is as follows.

Tactical Drill MissionsReward points
Log into the game1
Finish in the top 10 for five times in Classic Mode every week7
Spend a total of 60 minutes in the game4
Spend a total of 30 UC3
Travel for a total of 3,000 meters in classic mode2

Alien Technology SCAR-L Skin: How to redeem

The process is simple. As we mentioned earlier, there’s no redeem system that players have to go through. There will be some steps to be followed. Rather, to redeem the gun skin, one must simply follow these steps.

  • Complete the daily and weekly missions.
  • After a player reaches 60 Tactical points, the gun will automatically start to glow on the event page.
  • Tap on it to claim the skin.

Bonus Reward: Get a Premium Crate for free

PUBG Mobile also bring some spin event sometimes with hidden Easter Eggs in it. Finding these Easter eggs will reward players by giving them Classic or Premium Crates. Here’s how to get a free premium crate.

PUBG Mobile Tactical Drill event Alien Technology Scar-L
Pinikitchen Treasure event
  • From the first row of events, slide to bring the “PINKITCHEN TREASURE” event on screen. Tap on it.
  • Tap the “Cream Cake Set” picture below.
  • From the page, tap on the candies and you’ll get a premium crate..

What are your thoughts on the PUBG Mobile Tactical Drill event which will give out Alien Technology SCAR-L? Let us know in the comments below!

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