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PUBG Mobile Vibrant Anniversary or BGMI Holi Dhamaka mode: New Features, Rewards and more

PUBG Mobile is once again back with another themed game mode for players. This time, it is the PUBG Mobile’s 4th Anniversary special game mode which has been named Vibrant anniversary. However, for BGMI, this mode is known as the Holi Dhamaka mode. PUBG Mobile is known for its various collaborations and themed game modes. In the past, we saw many theme modes such as Godzilla VS Kong, the Jujutsu Kaisen themed mode, and more. In this article, we are going to discuss the new Vibrant anniversary or the PUBG Mobile or BGMI Holi dhamaka mode.

New Legend marks will be visible on the map for this mode

PUBG Mobile or BGMI Holi Dhamaka mode
Legend Marks on the map for this mode

Just like the previous game modes, the signs of all physical spots are shown in the mini-map. Players will see not one but two Nimbus islands. There will also be a special car radar machine which will provide the information of the nearby vehicles.

Vibrant Anniversary mode
Nimbus Maps in PUBG Mobile or BGMI Holi Dhamaka mode

Currently, there are two nimbus islands available. The themes of these islands are ‘Ancient Temple’ and ‘Arctic Island. Players will be able to jump on one of these two islands. The concept of these islands is completely changed. Finishes secured in the floating island will not be counted in the actual kill counter. Players can jump on these islands just for fun.

After getting knocked out by an enemy or knocking out an enemy, both the players’ or enemy’s headgear will be inflated and will be turned into a balloon. After getting knocked out, the character will float in the air and will be sent to the main Erangel island eventually.

A player’s teammates will be able to rescue their squad-mates by shooting them. It will bring them down. Since it is a new mode, players can expect both a high amount of loots and a high amount of enemy.

PUBG Mobile or BGMI Holi Dhamaka mode: New Vehicle radar and Vibrant Plaza feature

PUBG Mobile or BGMI Holi Dhamaka mode
Vehicle Radar feature in PUBG Mobile or BGMI Holi Dhamaka mode

Vehicle radar is a great machine for searching nearby vehicles. Players can find the logo of the vehicle radar on the map legend list. Players will have to activate the machine by clicking a button. It will show the all vehicles available nearby. It is a great feature coming in for players, in this mode.

PUBG Mobile or BGMI
Vibrant Plaza in this mode

One of the main attractions of this mode is the vibrant plaza. It is the main anniversary celebration place. There is a total of two vibrant plazas are situated on the Erangel map. These plazas are located in the middle of the Quarry and Stalber.

These places are great for having fun with your squad. There are multiple mini-games and vending machines available. The loot density is quite high in these places where players can expect a heavy number of enemies here.

Relive the miniature version of the old modes in the Vibrant Camp

These camps are mini-sized gallery-type buildings. Here, the players can relive the miniature version of the old modes of the game like the arctic mode and the Egyptian temple mode, etc. The loot density of this place is moderate. Some mini-games are available here too, by playing them, players will get shop tokens and loots.

Vibrant Anniversary mode
Vibrant Camp in PUBG Mobile or BGMI Holi Dhamaka mode

The recall feature and the supply shop feature is still available in this mode. The flare gun is added to the supply shop guns list, which can be claimed by spending 100 shop tokens.

A New achievement is now available for players to play for in this mode

PUBG Mobile or BGMI
New achievement coming in for players in this new mode

A new achievement is added to the game, in this mode. By completing this achievement, players will get 20 achievement points and two new supply crate coupons. To complete this achievement, players will have to complete certain tasks in the vibrant anniversary or Holi dhamaka mode in PUBG Mobile.

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