‘Rainbow Six: Siege’ maker Ubisoft sued Apple and Google for Area F2

Ubisoft Entertainment has sued both Apple and Google for mobile game Area F2. According to Ubisoft, Area F2 is a ripoff of its popular video game Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege. The issues evolved last month when Qooka Games globally launched Area F2 for Android and iOS. Qooka is a subsidiary of, which is owned by the Chinese giant Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd. It bought in 2017 in order to rank its position in the booming mobile gaming industry.

Every aspect of Area F2 is copied from R6 Siege

Ubisoft Entertainment, in a complaint filed in federal court in Los Angeles, said, “Area F2,” created by Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd.’s, is a near carbon copy of Rainbow Six: Siege, and that can’t seriously be disputed, Bloomberg reported. They also mentioned, “every aspect of AF2 is copied from our game, from the operator selection to final scoring screen.”

Rainbow Six: Siege is a very popular Tactical shooter based on Tom Clancy’s novel about a counter-terrorism unit. It was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on December 1, 2015. On the other hand, Qooka games claimed Area F2 to be the world’s first 5v5 Close Quarter Battle (CQB) FPS shooting game on mobile devices. Area F2 was officially launched in April 2020 on Android and iOS. The game has over 76,000 reviews on the Google Play, and more than 2,000 on the App Store.

Rainbow Six: Siege has 55 million registered players around the world. And its daily active users are more than 3 million, according to Ubisoft’s copyright infringement lawsuit. In the federal court, Ubisoft said, Rainbow Six: Siege is among the most popular competitive multiplayer games in the world. Also, the most valuable intellectual properties of Ubisoft.”

Ubisoft sued Apple and Google after informing them about the issue of copyrights. But the companies refused to remove Area F2 from their stores, the French company said.

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Tbh wouldn’t it be better to just sue the parent company? Or are they just trying to milk the profit?


The lawsuit is still unclear that why Ubi is after Apple and Google rather than Alibaba group. We cant tell much unless the results are out.


Yes it is a massive copy but like they were first to make a rainbow port on mobile. If it is such a big deal, make a newer and better port


I guess Ubi is just trying to protect their IP. None would love to see a copy of their original thing.

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