Ready Games launches Mobile Web3 Division to bring Decentralized Gaming and NFTs to App Stores

Ready’s new environment is the first of its kind!

With the issuance of an innovative token called $AURA and the release of turnkey developer tools to quickly bring mobile web2 games into web3 in compliance with Apple and Google app store rules, Ready Games, which was founded in 2016 to make game creation easier for developers, is launching its new Mobile Web3 Division, which is an ecosystem aimed at democratizing access to web3 game development.

Ready’s goal is to encourage web2 game developers to experiment with and migrate to web3 with low development time and cost, while still publishing games “normally” through traditional app stores. And in this process, Ready has already raised $3 million in an NFT token sale headed by BITKRAFT and Hashed, with a number of other top-tier funds joining as well, including Tribe, IOSG, Spartan, Mapleblock Capital, Mulana Capital, Dweb3, Fundamental Labs, IBA, GSR, Polygon, SnackClub, and Warburg Serres.

“As a lifelong gamer, I’m thrilled to offer game devs the tools and tokenomics to make it possible to quickly integrate on-chain,” says David Bennahum, CEO of Ready. “It’s incredibly challenging to take the complexities of web3 and make them easily accessible for game publishers: from live operations to loyalty programs and new economic models. We’re excited to see what comes next as we build this collective ecosystem together!”

This new mobile division will allow devs to seamlessly go live with a compliant web3 game

Since its foundation in 2016, Ready has been to enable game developers to access the wide world of mobile games, providing development tools and incentivizing programmers.

Ready’s environment is the first of its kind, allowing developers to run a full range of live operations for games on-chain while remaining compliant with app store regulations. The ability to swiftly integrate a shared utility token, $AURA, allows developers to immediately go live with a compliant web3 game and understand how web3 gaming may add value to their gaming portfolio. All while using app shops to reach “mainstream gamers.”

“There are over 3+Billion mobile players worldwide, currently a huge untapped market in Web3, Ready is tapping this market” Christina Macedo, COO of Ready says “by allowing mobile gaming to enter and have a place in Web3 gamefi this finally allows a very diverse global demographic of developers, players and creators to finally enter Web3 and collaborate as a united community of game lovers.”

Because so many developers are already familiar with Ready and its tools, integration times were cut in half. From web2 to web3, mobile game developers could integrate Ready in as little as 5 days in the Alpha version.

mobile games cover

“Web3 presents a new paradigm for how games and their communities are built, distributed, and grown,” added Scott Rupp, Managing Founding Partner at BITKRAFT Ventures. “It’s an exciting tech shift for all stakeholders involved, but it’s also new, daunting and still carries significant friction for those looking to make the leap. Ready’s tools and token will make it a lot easier for mainstream devs to enter web3 gaming.”

Ready also welcomes artists, who will be able to design and submit styles and gadgets that can be purchased and exchanged within Ready’s games, with players receiving indirect benefits. The organization allows gamers to purchase products using traditional in-game money by creating a Play and Own environment. Ready is thrilled to work with significant game guilds, such as SnackClub, which has 5 million members and is eager to play the web3 games as soon as they launch.

We are excited to partner with Ready in building the leading web3 mobile gaming and user-generated content ecosystem, Along with Ready’s ability to seamlessly onboard a wide spectrum of games and content, their in-depth understanding of developers, creator communities and players will accelerate mass adoption of blockchain-based gaming

Ethan Kim, Co-founder and Partner, Hashed

“We are always happy to back serial entrepreneurs who stick with a specific vision over the course of one’s journey,” said Ray Xiao, Principal at IOSG Ventures. “In the case of Ready Games, we are genuinely impressed by David’s and Christina’s commitment to democratizing access to game creation over the past few years. In a way, this vision of web3 games was ahead of its time when  Ready was founded 6 years ago. Now, the mobile web3 division for Ready games is READY.” he concluded.

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